Sanremo 2021, Federica Pellegrini will be there: emotion on social media

Federica Pellegrini

The swimmer will descend the most famous staircase on TV and for this reason she is already excited: at her side Alberto Tomba

Sanremo 2021, the super guests of the Festival

Sanremo is approaching at a brisk pace and one after another the confirmations arrive on the guests who will tread the stage of the Italian Song Festival. Federica Pellegrini will be there and the emotion is tangible: the post that the swimmer published on Instagram explains in a few words the frenzy that hides behind the preparations for Sanremo.

Federica has published a photo of her at the same table with another excellence of Italian sport, Alberto Tomba. In the shot of some time ago, the two look at each other and smile, the accompanying words of Pellegrini leave no room for doubt:

I tell you already … If you make me fall off THAT ladder I will kill you …

The staircase in question is the most famous – and feared – in Italy: it is the staircase that the Sanremo stage has always had and from which illustrious guests, presenters and presenters have descended over the years, not without some uncertainty due to the steps and high heels. Sanremo was also the scene of some awkward moments. This year it will also be the turn of Federica Pellegrini who places her hopes on the shoulder that will accompany her in this adventure.

Sport in Italy is experiencing a very complicated historical moment, as indeed has happened to other professional categories that have been severely hit by the global pandemic situation. Life and the hope of returning to normal soon do not stop and as the tags used by Pellegrini herself suggest in the post, the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Cortina are approaching, scheduled for 2026, where our athletes will compete and for which they are already preparing .

Sanremo has always been an important showcase not only for Italian music but also as a representation of the cross-section of our society and our excellence. The Festival – despite the Rai protocol and changes imposed by the current situation – is expected from 2 to 6 March and will be conducted for the second consecutive time by Amadeus, who is also the artistic director of the singing festival. At his side, various personalities from the world of Italian art will alternate between singing, theater and TV. There will also be space to celebrate sport together with personalities of the caliber of Federica Pellegrini and Alberto Tomba, who we are waiting to see in the shoes – certainly very elegant – as spokespersons of talent and the Italian sports world.

Federica Pellegrini on Instagram

Federica Pellegrini and the thrill of participating in Sanremo 2021

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