Sanremo 2021, Giorgia and Ornella Vanoni super guests of Amadeus

Sanremo 2021, Giorgia and Ornella Vanoni super guests of Amadeus

The cast of Sanremo 2021 is enriched with two names among the most loved of Italian music: Giorgia and Ornella Vanoni arrive

Sanremo 2021: women on the Ariston stage

Amadeus has very clear ideas: for this new Sanremo Festival, it will welcome some of the biggest names in Italian music on stage. After announcing the competitors in the race, the cast formed by its co-hosts and the super guests who will attend the Ariston theater is slowly emerging.

In recent weeks, the Sanremo 2021 Festival is in the spotlight: there has been much talk not only of the critical issues of this very particular edition, such as the need to give up the public and to resort to extras, but also of the many well-known faces that will enrich the singing festival. We have already seen who will be the big names in the competition and the new proposals that will face the tough challenge on the Ariston stage, while only in the last few hours has confirmation arrived regarding the women who will accompany Amadeus in this long adventure.

There are still some doubts about the guests that we will have the opportunity to see again on this occasion. Apparently, Sanremo will welcome some of the most important voices of the Italian music scene – and more! After announcing the presence of Achille Lauro and champion Zlatan Ibrahimovich, who will be on stage for all five evenings (the Festival will be staged from 2 to 6 March 2021), and the arrival of Elodie for a special episode, now it is the turn of two other great women, artists with exceptional talent.

Amadeus has in fact revealed that he has chosen Giorgia and Ornella Vanoni as guests. The first, who does not particularly like appearing in public, recently starred in a fabulous performance during the debut of the show La musica che gira circa, the special hosted by Fiorella Mannoia. Vanoni, on the other hand, is a regular at the Festival: after her participation in 2018, together with Bungaro and Pacifico, the artist returned in the following two years to accompany Virginia Raffaele and Alberto Urso respectively.

Ornella is now struggling with her new album entitled Unica, and it is likely that the Ariston will give us a taste of her latest effort. And, as a splendid tribute to her career, the singer could be a guest of the final evening of Sanremo, an appointment already highly anticipated by the public.

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