Sanremo 2021: how the first evening went

Sanremo 2021: how the first evening went

The partial ranking led by Annalisa, the songs and guests of the first evening of the festival

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 2: prime time

Great emotions and an Ariston theater never seen like this: the spotlight has turned on the 71st edition of the Sanremo 2021 Festival. with a sketch between Amadeus and Fiorello. But it was the conductor and artistic director who first showed up on stage, talking about the difficult year that has passed since the last Festival. And then space for music, that of the song with which Fiorello presented himself on stage with a cloak of flowers (Grazie dei fiori by Nilla Pizzi), and that of the songs in the competition.

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The songs of last night

Of the 26 big players on the evening of Tuesday 2 March the first thirteen performed.

The competition was opened by Arisa with the song You could do more written by Gigi D’Alessio, her interpretation was very intense. Colapesce Dimartino with very light music gave life to a performance full of rhythm. Then it was the turn of Ora sung by Aiello, which however did not arrive and was placed in the last place of the partial ranking. Followed by Francesca Michielin and Fedez with Call me by name, very excited and exciting.

Max Gazzè with the Trifluoperazina Monstery Band staged a real show with the song The Pharmacist: he dressed as Leonardo Da Vinci and the mysterious group is actually made up of cardboard figures. He was not supposed to go on stage during the first night, but he had to replace Irama (a member of his staff tested positive), Noemi left open-mouthed with a dream look and a song he liked: Glicine.

And then it was Madame con Voce's turn: barefoot, very young and sparkling. Energy and rhythm thanks to Maneskin with Zitti e buona which gave life to a very rock performance. Ghemon's Perfect Moment was the next song in the race. And then Coma_Cose with Flames in the eyes and a very heartfelt interpretation.

Annalisa, beautiful, sang Dieci and the song broke through. To close Francesco Renga, with his powerful voice and the song When I find you, and Fasma with Parlami that arrives and enters the first three places of the partial ranking.

Among the guests, an extraordinary performance by a spirited Loredana Berté, a very good Diodato who once again thrilled the viewers as in the previous edition, when she had won the event. Achille Lauro, on the other hand, staged a unique show and as always amazes.

Who was eliminated

Four young people from the New Proposals category took turns on stage: Gaudiano and Folcast won the ticket for Friday evening, while Elena Faggi and Avincola were eliminated.

Discover the program of the Sanremo week.

Ranking and results

At the end of the evening, Amadeus unveiled the partial ranking of the 13 Bigs who took the stage during the first evening.

1. Annalisa

2. Noemi

3. Fasma

4. Francesca Michielin and Fedez

5. Francesco Renga

6. Arisa

7. Maneskin

8. Max Gazzè

9. Colapesce Dimartino

10. How_Things

11. Madame

12. Ghemon

13. Aiello

The comments on the evening

Among the queens of the evening, the super guest Loredana Bertè who also on social networks was full of appreciation not only for her performance full of grit and power, but also for the red shoes worn on stage as a symbol of the fight against femicide. Achille Lauro was also very popular and this time he was able to amaze and excite with a performance full of creativity: pure glam rock, complete with red tears on his face at the end of the performance and feathers, applauded on social media. Positive vote also for Matilda De Angelis who proved capable of holding the stage, elegant, but at the same time also very spontaneous. The comments on Twitter are super positive.

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