Sanremo 2021: how the fourth evening went

Sanremo 2021: how the fourth evening went

In the fourth evening all 26 Big players performed in the race: Ermal Meta still tops the provisional standings

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 5: fourth evening

The fourth evening of the Sanremo Festival was full of intense moments and other funnier moments, with a Fiorello always in great shape and Amadeus who manages to play down even the directing mistakes. The women were the protagonists of the evening, from the co-hosts Beatrice Venezi and Barbara Palombelli to the guests: Alessandra Amoroso and Emma, ​​in particular, moved the audience with their intense performance of Piece of the heart. Meanwhile, the race comes to a crucial moment: the final of the New Proposals saw Gaudiano triumph, while for the Bigs the vote of the press room rewards two new entries of the event. At the top of the provisional standings, however, there is always him: Ermal Meta.

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The winner of the New Proposals

The fourth evening opens with the proclamation of the winner of Sanremo Giovani. The Mia Martini Critics' Award was won by Wrongonyou with his Flight Lessons, which however came fourth in the general classification. Third place for Folcast with Discover yourself and second for Davide Shoty with Regina. To triumph is Gaudiano with the piece Gunpowder, who at the moment of receiving the prize dedicates the victory to his father.

The songs of last night

The penultimate evening of the Festival sees all 26 Big players performing again, as happened for the evening of the covers, but this time with their songs, which are slowly entering the mind of the public who appreciates them more and more.

Apart from some technical problems with the audio that even this evening made jokes to some artists (such as Francesco Renga, who was then called to re-exhibit himself), the kermesse continued quite quickly, alternating with the funny gags of Fiorello, from the incursions of Ibrahimovic and from the amazing performance of Achille Lauro, in a wedding dress and in a state of grace.

Among the most successful performances of the Big ones, that of The representative of the list, by Malika Ayane (always splendid) and that of Colapesce Dimartino. The goosebumps moment, however, is the one dedicated to two highly anticipated guests of this Festival: Emma and Alessandra Amoroso.

Discover the program of the Sanremo week.

Ranking and results

During the fourth evening the press room voted. The journalists have upset the ranking seen so far by rewarding the beautiful performance of Colapesce and Dimartino, who placed themselves in front of Måneskin, Willie Peyote, List's Representative and Ermal Meta. Then to close the top ten there are Noemi, Arisa, Irama, Malika Ayane and Madame.

As for the general classification, the (provisional) top is always up to Ermal Meta. Here is the top ten.

1 – Ermal Meta
2 – Willie Peyote
3 – Arisa
4 – Annalisa
5 – Maneskin
6 – Irama
7 – The list representative
8 – Colapesce Dimartino
9 – Malika Ayane
10 – Noemi

The comments of the evening

The hashtag dedicated to Sanremo on social media is always at the top of the trend ranking, even before the start of the race. To turn on the people of Twitter a gaffe by Orietta Berti who in the course of an afternoon interview declared that she would like to duet with the Maneskins, too bad she got confused and called them Naziskin, unleashing the general hilarity.

Among the most discussed topics also Aiello, with his performance and the scream at the end that becomes the protagonist of funny memes and parodies, and Mahmood who brought to the stage a very successful medley of his most famous songs and his latest single Inuyasha. Many, then, do not appreciate the low position in the ranking of Coma_Cose, while Achille Lauro always gets great appreciation.

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