Sanremo 2021, Loredana Bertè guest of the first evening

Sanremo 2021, Loredana Bertè guest of the first evening

At "Che tempo che fa" Amadeus announced that Loredana Bertè will be present on the Ariston stage for the debut evening

Sanremo 2021, the super guests of the Festival

Loredana Bertè will be the super guest of the first evening of the Sanremo Festival, which will start on March 2nd.

This was announced by Amadeus during a connection with Che tempo che fa right from the stalls of the Ariston, where rehearsals for the event are underway.

Loredana will stage some of her greatest hits, probably performing in a medley that will collect them in a single performance. But not only that, because from the most famous stage in Italy he will present the new single, Daughter of …, released by Warner Music that same day. An autobiographical passage, which opens a glimpse of an ironic Loredana, but who has suffered so much in life. “I am the father of my caresses and the mother of my experiences, I am a daughter of a certain fame, I am a daughter of…”, she sings in fact in the single.

Therefore, the number of guests of the Festival begins to emerge more and more, which already only for the first evening will see protagonists – in addition to Bertè – also Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Achille Lauro (regular guests for all five evenings) and Naomi Cambell as co- conductor alongside Fiorello and Amadeus.

During the connection with Fabio Fazio, the Sicilian showman also intervened, who tried to play down the protocols and the atmosphere that was not really a Festival. After defining the artistic director as "the swiffer of controversies", Fiorello made fun of the anti-contagion rules ("As soon as you arrive you have to study 75 pages of protocol: I have arrived halfway I prefer to wait for the film …") and the unusual atmosphere that surrounds kermesse in era Covid: “We went to the traditional Smiles and Songs party, unfortunately there were neither smiles nor songs. You don't know outside the Ariston: there was the Perseverance probe that took pictures! ". "Last year – he said again – I was very agitated, this year is now resignation. What I will do? I don't know either: I have to change my way of performing, I'll find out at the first episode when I go up on stage and say 'good evening', I'll tell him and the orchestra, this year Maestro De Amicis will be the head claque " .

Then a joke about monstre duration, already announced given the number of singers competing, is inevitable: "This year there is not the After Festival, but the After After Festival, which is Unomattina".

All in all, however, “it will be a historic Sanremo, a festival like this has never been seen before”, assured Amadeus. Fiorello echoed: "This is the last time we are here at the festival, we are done, I hope you like it. We will do our best, however it goes, it will be unforgettable ”, he concludes.

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