Loredana Bertè was the special guest on the opening night of Sanremo 2021.

Loredana Bertè is the super guest of the first evening of Sanremo 2021

An interview with Fabio Fazio

The cast for Sanremo 2021 has been unveiled, with exciting elements in store. During an interview with Fabio Fazio on “Che Tempo Che Fa,” Amadeus, the host, announced that the special guest for the opening night of the 71st Sanremo Festival would be none other than Loredana Bertè.

Taking the Ariston stage, Loredana Bertè, who celebrated her 70th birthday on September 20, 2020, will treat the audience to a medley of her iconic hits. Additionally, she will present a brand-new song titled “Figlia di…” which includes a teaser from the lyrics: “I am the father of my caresses and the mother of my experiences, I am the daughter of a certain fame, I am a daughter of…”.

Bertè’s vinyl re-release project, titled “70Bertè – Vinyl Collection,” is currently underway. This series is set to conclude in September 2021, aligning with Bertè’s 71st birthday, featuring the reissue of “Bandabertè.”

Loredana Bertè and the Sanremo Festival with Mia Martini

Loredana Bertè guest of Sanremo 2021
Loredana Bertè guest of Sanremo 2021

In addition to the super guests, each evening of Sanremo also features a godmother. On the first evening (Tuesday, March 2), it’s the iconic Naomi Campbell. Following that, Elodie will take the stage on the 3rd, actress Matilda De Angelis on the 4th, and presenter/journalist Barbara Palombelli on the 5th. Regular guests for the festival include Achille Lauro, who will deliver distinct performances each night, and the renowned footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Loredana Bertè is set to make a remarkable return to the Sanremo Festival in 2021. On the festival’s opening night, she will debut her new single, ‘Daughter of…’, marking her 35th year of participation (out of a total of 11) since her first appearance in 1986, which stirred controversy due to a pregnancy announcement. This autobiographical piece, co-written by Bertè herself along with Pula and Chiaravalli, serves as a call for female empowerment, celebrating self-made women. It’s a heartfelt gift to herself on her 70th birthday, forming part of a more extensive project.

In a recent interview with Repubblica, the singer from Bagnara Calabra reflected on her numerous experiences at the festival. She expressed remorse about her 1993 participation, during which she performed alongside her sister, Mia Martini. Bertè believes that her presence may have hindered her sister’s chances of winning, stating, “That is a Sanremo that I would like to erase. I think I disappointed Mimì. I have terrible remorse; if it hadn’t been for me, Mimì could have won that Festival. I ruined everything.” This reference is linked to the discord between the sisters that prevented them from performing together.

Regarding her controversial 1986 appearance with the fake pregnancy bump, Bertè clarified, “Actually, I was completely misunderstood. The message I wanted to convey is that when a woman is pregnant, she is not weak but strong. She is a force of nature because she is about to give life to another human being.” She pointed out that Lady Gaga appeared on stage in a similar dress thirty years later, and there was no outcry. “Maybe I’ve always been a little too ahead of my time,” she mused.

When asked about her 2008 disqualification for plagiarism (due to the song’s music already being published and generating revenue from Siae, although Bertè claimed she was unaware of it and received the song as unpublished), she had no comment and chose not to nominate the individuals involved, considering it truly infamous.

Bertè concluded by reflecting on her best Sanremo experience, which she believes occurred two years ago: “I think that was my best Sanremo. I was focused, I prepared myself, and I gave my all. Generally, the Ariston audience isn’t very warm. They seem like cartoons. Experiencing all that warmth, three standing ovations, and the fourth with stadium chants, albeit in protest, on the day of the final, is something I will never forget. It’s one of the greatest satisfactions of my life.”