Sanremo 2021, Madame tells herself: "I'm bisexual"

Sanremo 2021, Madame tells herself: "I'm bisexual"

Madame, the very young singer from Sanremo 2021, tells about herself and reveals: "I'm bisexual"

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Madame, the protagonist of Sanremo 2021, tells about herself in a long interview, revealing that she is bisexual. The singer landed on the Ariston stage with the song Voce at the age of 19, showing great maturity and talent. Real name Francesca Calearo, the artist has very clear ideas about her life and the artistic path she is undertaking.

"I am bisexual, I am attracted to both men and women – she revealed to Repubblica -. I am a girl who chooses, depending on how she feels, to have a bearing. I live this thing normally, I don't feel the need to join certain groups or movements. I went on stage in a suit and tie. My relationship with modesty? Swinging. If you stand in front of a person you respect, you are less brazen, while usually my relationship with modesty is minimal. We all have genital organs, we all have sex, I associate extreme modesty with a closed mind ".

In the early evening of Sanremo 2021, Madame surprised everyone by presenting herself on the stage with bare feet. “A matter of comfort, I wanted to be quiet – he confessed -. Amadeus told me to sing in Sanremo as if I were in my room. And in my room I am barefoot ”. During the third evening of the Festival, dedicated to covers and duets, the singer decided to talk about school in such a difficult and delicate period that it changed the world of education.

Sanremo represents a great opportunity for Madame, who confided to live this adventure with great enthusiasm, amidst the compliments of Fiorello, the trust of Amadeus and the bond with the orchestra of the musical event. "I have a high school diploma this year. I do Sanremo and then let's see – he explained -. I live for the day and I try to be grateful, I live the festival like this. I am grateful that Carmelo is my conductor, that the orchestra winks at me, that Fiorello compliments me. I try to live everything as if it were a natural thing, I'm making new friends, people I've always seen on TV and esteemed. Fame and money are things that scare me, that's why I try not to look to the future ”.

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