Sanremo 2021 prime time: Matilda De Angelis is a revelation

Sanremo 2021 prime time: Matilda De Angelis is a revelation

Amadeus inaugurates the Sanremo 2021 Festival moved, while Fiorello overwhelms everyone with a rock performance and an already iconic look

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 2: prime time

Sanremo 2021 opens in the sign of emotion, with the entrance of Amadeus on the stage of the Ariston after a sketch with Fiorello. "This year the heart is beating faster", confessed the conductor and artistic director of the Festival. "We discovered that normality is an extraordinary thing – he said, commenting on the last difficult year, marked by the pandemic – and for that normality we have worked in an extraordinary way. I will often have applause recorded in the background, but I am heartened to think that they are yours ”.

To give a crackling start, however, is Fiorello, who comes down the stairs of the Ariston with an outfit that is already iconic and winks at Achille Lauro: black lipstick, a colorful cloak made of flowers and sunglasses. An amazing and rock performance on the notes of Grazie dei Fiori with which Nilla Pizzi won the very first edition of the Sanremo Festival. The performance ends with a kiss on the forehead of Amadeus and immediately the showman overwhelms everyone with his irony. The armchairs of the Ariston are empty and after weeks in which there has been talk of the presence or absence of the public, it is he who lightens the atmosphere with the talent that distinguishes him. “Up the armrests! Armrests down! ”, He jokes, wandering around the empty stalls.

After the performance of the four New Proposals – Guadiano, Elena Faggi, Avincola and Folcast – it is the turn of Diodato who brings Fai Rumore to the stage, the song with which he triumphed in the Sanremo 2020 Festival, just before the pandemic changed everything. Not even Amadeus and Fiorello spared themselves and, surrounded by dancers and feathers as happened in the old Rai shows, they sing a love song for the festival.

If Arisa conquers with an unusual look – red suit, particular hairstyle and very long nails -, the real surprise is Matilda De Angelis, at ease on stage despite the great emotion. The actress conquers with her naturalness, immediately finding a good chemistry with Amadeus. “Good evening pajamas audience at home! – he begins with a radiant smile – […] Sanremo makes you forget all the things you know how to do… like producing saliva! ”.

Presented as “the most beautiful couple in pop”, Fedez and Francesca Michielin do not disappoint. United by a white ribbon, they present Call me by name. At the end of the performance they hug and Chiara Ferragni's husband is moved, betraying a very strong emotion, which he had already told on Instagram in recent days. But when Loredana Bertè arrives at the Ariston there is nothing for anyone. The singer overwhelms everyone, conquering the stage with a medley of some of her great hits and confirms herself as the queen of rock. With her a pair of red shoes, a symbol of the fight against violence against women that also brings to mind the controversy of last year regarding the exclusion of Loredana from the Una event. None. One hundred thousand.

The most beautiful on stage? Noemi, beautifully wrapped in a crystal dress, and Alessia Bonari, the very young nurse, symbol of the struggle of health workers against Covid. And then there is him, Achille Lauro, who presents the first of his five paintings of Sanremo 2021. The singer appears on stage with a glam rock look, covered in feathers and fake blood that gushes from his eyes at the end. As always, originality is the trademark of this artist, who does not disappoint and brings an unprecedented show to the Ariston. Difficult to match, but the Maneskins try, overwhelming the event with their energy. Shut up and good, it distorts the rules and the performance is amazing.

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