Sanremo 2021, Simona Ventura: "I don't know how to express my joy to you"

Sanremo 2021, Simona Ventura: "I don't know how to express my joy to you"

Simona Ventura tells on Instagram her emotion for the return to the Sanremo 2021 Festival

Sanremo 2021, the co-hosts of Amadeus

Simona Ventura returns to Sanremo 2021 after 17 years and tells her emotion on Instagram. Super Simo will be on the Ariston stage as co-host alongside Amadeus on the evening of Saturday 6 March. The presenter, who is a veteran of the Festival, will be among the protagonists of the final of the event.

La Ventura told on Instagram the emotion and joy felt at the idea of ​​returning to Sanremo. “I don't know how to express my joy to you! – he wrote on social media -. Treading the stage of Sanremo again makes me go back in memories that become very sweet over the years. Thanks Amadeus for the opportunity! Of you #donquixote, I will be your faithful #sanciopanza! I can not wait! Saturday 6 March in #sanremo ”.

It was 2014 when Simona Ventura was chosen by the artistic director Tony Renis to present Sanremo. That year Super Simo had to deal with Big Brother, which at the time was at the peak of success, and with the absence of record companies. Several years have passed since then and the presenter will return to the Ariston alongside Amadeus.

In addition to the 26 Big in the race, Sanremo 2021 this year will bring an exceptional cast to the stage. There will be the paintings of Achille Lauro, the forays of Fiorello, always ready to get a laugh and to make people think. The presence of Zlatan Ibrahimović and numerous co-hosts has also been confirmed. On stage there will be great names in the show, from Matilda De Angelis and Loredana Bertè who will inaugurate the first evening, to Elodie and Luisa Ranieri, queens of the second. There will also be Barbara Palombelli and Beatrice Venezi, followed by Serena Rossi, Ornella Vanoni and Simona Ventura. Vittoria Ceretti is also highly anticipated, the super top model who will replace Naomi Campbell who will not be at the event due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. In the meantime Giovanna Botteri has confirmed that she will be at the Festival to talk about the pandemic that began a year ago, while Amadeus, a great fan of Lady Gaga, according to some rumors may be able to bring the pop star to Ariston. In fact, these days the singer is in Rome where the shooting of Gucci, the new film by director Ridley Scott, has just begun.

Simona Ventura Instagram

Simona Ventura

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