Sanremo 2021: the program of the week

Sanremo 2021: the program of the week

The Sanremo Festival 2021 goes on stage from 2 to 6 March: the program of the week evening by evening

Sanremo 2021, the super guests of the Festival

Surprises, songs and performances: the program of the week of Sanremo 2021 is quite rich, with singers, co-hosts and guests who will take turns on the stage of the Ariston. The Festival this year will begin on March 2nd and end on March 6th, with five evenings that promise fun and magic. The Big in competition are 26 with as many songs, accompanied by characters loved by the public who will get involved on stage giving an unmissable show.

Sanremo 2021 prime time Tuesday 2 March

The first evening of the Sanremo 2021 Festival will be dedicated, as usual, to listening to the first 13 tracks in the competition. The first 4 artists who are part of the New Proposals will also perform and it will be possible to discover the preliminary ranking. Alongside Amadeus, in addition to Fiorello, there will be Matilda De Angelis and Loredana Bertè.

Sanremo 2021 second evening Wednesday 3 March

The second evening, as always, is the one in which the public and the jury can discover the other 13 songs of the Big in the competition. There will be an exhibition by Achille Lauro, who will bring a painting every evening of the Festival, while next to Amadeus there will be Elodie. During the second evening the general ranking of the songs will be drawn up and the other 4 singers who are part of the New Proposals will sing.

Sanremo 2021 third evening Thursday 4 March

The evening of Thursday 4 March of the Sanremo Festival is traditionally dedicated to duets and covers. The competing artists will have the opportunity to perform alone or with other singers. The performances will be evaluated by the jury made up of musicians and choristers from the orchestra. The splendid model Vittoria Ceretti co-hosted the episode with Amadeus.

Sanremo 2021 fourth evening Friday 5 March

On the evening of Friday 5 March, all 26 Big players in the competition will perform on the Ariston stage, while the final of the New Proposals will be staged. The evening will be presented by Amadeus, flanked by Barbara Palombelli (who will perform with Fiorello) and Beatrice Venezi.

Sanremo 2021 fifth evening Saturday 6 March 2021

The grand finale of the Sanremo 2021 Festival is expected for Saturday 6 March. The Big 26 will once again perform on the Ariston stage and will be voted on. Presenting the show will be three special co-hosts: Ornella Vanoni, Serena Rossi and Simona Ventura. They will be, together with Amadeus and Fiorello, to crown the winner of the event.

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