Sanremo 2021, the spatial scenography unveiled

Sanremo 2021, the spatial scenography unveiled

The Ariston stage designed by Gaetano and Maria Chiara Castelli is "an imaginary spaceship towards a better future"

Sanremo 2021, the singers in the competition of the 71st edition

The Sanremo stage has never been so big and so impressive. A choice that is the result of the anti-Covid provisions that impose distancing between the orchestras and which therefore made a total revision of the spaces necessary.

With the audience emptied of the public, the Ariston was transformed and "transported" into another dimension. A spatial scenography, absolutely science fiction, which had to make a virtue of necessity.

“Amadeus says that this will not be his second Festival, but the first towards another future. And it will also be for the scenography, for which we imagined a spaceship and a sort of stargate, towards a better future to which we aspire "explain Gaetano and Maria Chiara Castelli, who designed the structure that will host the 71st Sanremo Festival.

"We tried to exploit the spaces as much as possible, also for the need, for example, to distance the orchestra" they add. “And at the same time to make up for the sense of emptiness, also using the side walls up to the gallery, creating an envelope that with its spaceship shape increases the depth. In reality, the length of the scene is the same as last year, but now the orchestra is very advanced and for this reason we have tried to work on the perspective, with two central vanishing points and with a scenography that progressively reducing in width and in height creates an important perspective effect, which gives depth to everything. And to this we add that even the ceiling becomes a scenographic element, among lights, screens and video-luminous materials that are integrated part of the scene ”.

As always, there will be the famous staircase, a catwalk for the dream dresses and nightmare of every woman on heels who has ever gone to the Festival. But the scenography will not be the only element that will leave the audience speechless.

In fact, this year, the director Stefano Vicario and the director of photography Mario Catapano will also be able to count on an external scenography: "A work started for many months" concluded Gaetano and Maria Chiara Castelli "with them and with a team of exceptional professionals with which, for the first time, we have also left the Ariston in a new scenographic space where there will be a camera that, from above, will be able to cross the threshold of the theater ”.

Sanremo scenography

The scenography of the Sanremo Festival 2021

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