Sanremo 2021: the top and the flop of the third evening

Emma Marrone e Achille Lauro Sanremo 2021

From Achille Lauro with Emma, ​​to Bugo, up to the Neri by chance: top and flop of the third evening of Sanremo 2021

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 4: third evening

The third evening of Sanremo 2021 is the one dedicated to duets and covers with many artists on stage and performances that illuminated the Ariston. To shine is not only the co-host Vittoria Ceretti, who supports Amadeus and Fiorello, but also Emma Marrone and Monica Guerritore, splendid protagonists of the painting by Achille Lauro which this time hits the spot.

Find out how the third night went.

So here are our tops and flops for the third evening of Sanremo 2021.

ACHILLE LAURO – After the first and second evening of Sanremo 2021 in which he had not convinced everyone, Lauro managed to silence any criticism. Thanks to the presence of two great women on stage: Monica Guerritore and Emma Marrone. Stage presence and talent make the painting an exhibition from which it is difficult to take one's eyes off, with Achilles transformed into a statue that sings Penelope. The Guerritore is immense and Emma is a goddess.

IBRAHIMOVIC – After so many studied and unnatural sketches, the story of his daring arrival at the Festival is hilarious. Zlatan, blocked by traffic caused by an accident, reveals on stage the race to reach Ariston on the bike of a Milan fan. Out of the usual cliché of the surly sportsman, Ibrahimovic is charming and makes you smile. Then the exchange of words with Sinisa Mihajlovic and the performance (avoidable) on the notes of Io Vagabondo.

MANESKIN and MANUEL AGNELLI – Rock in its purest form and a performance that even makes us forget that the Ariston audience is empty: Maneskin with Manuel Agnelli are a force of nature. If in the first episode of Sanremo 2021 they had convinced us, giving us one of the best moments, on the evening of the covers they were a real cyclone.

GHEMON and I NERI PER CASO – After almost thirty years, the Neri Per Caso are back in Sanremo and do not disappoint expectations. They do not miss a beat and the mashup, started on the notes of The Girls and continued between Curreri and Vasco, is perfect.

THE TECHNICAL PROBLEMS IN THE DUETS – The risk of the live broadcast is always that of encountering some technical inconvenience, but in the third evening of Sanremo 2021 there were perhaps too many. First an audio delay ruins Noemi and Neffa's duet, then Fasma's microphone remains off during the performance with Nesli. Amadeus intervenes, but now the damage is done. A real shame for the artists who fail to perform at their best.

AIELLO – The anxiety linked to the Ariston stage continues to play tricks on Aiello who fails to emerge even on the evening of duets. The impression is that the singer is trying, given the importance of the event, to show an image that is not his own. The talent is there, more naturalness would not hurt.

BUGO – This Festival was supposed to be his redemption after his exclusion from the event last year and the quarrels with Morgan. But Bugo on stage is not convincing, despite having a good song, and the long-awaited rematch is not there.

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