Sanremo 2021, Vanessa Incontrada and Miriam Leone at the Ariston: the women of Amadeus

Vanessa Incontrada

Vanessa Incontrada, Miriam Leone, Matilde Gioli among the co-hosts of the Sanremo Festival. And the name of Giovanna Civitillo, wife of Amadeus, also appears

Sanremo 2021, the co-hosts of Amadeus

Vanessa Incontrada and Miriam Leone could support Amadeus in conducting the 71st edition of the Sanremo Festival, scheduled for 2 to 6 March.

If the presenter has already formalized the presence of Elodie and Achille Lauro who return to Ariston as co-hosts, from the rumors launched on the weekly magazine Chi, the two actresses would be ready to challenge each other with beauty and skill shots on the most prestigious stage. 'Italy and would have already been contacted by Rai.

Miriam Leone, on the other hand, has recently already proved herself by presenting the 2021 edition of Danza con Me, the program of Roberto Bolle, demonstrating that she can hold the stage in an excellent way. And as for Vanessa Incontrada, she is one of the most beloved faces on TV and every one of her shows is a success. On the other hand, his name had already entered the competition last year, even if his participation did not materialize.

Miriam and Vanessa, however, are not the only women who could help Amadeus lead Sanremo 2021. Also according to the magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, there are 10 women who will alternate on the Ariston stage, two for each evening.

Among these there would be Matilde Gioli, beloved actress of the fiction Doc – In your hands and the top model Mariacarla Boscono about whom a flirtation with Stefano De Martino was rumored. There is also talk of a return of Diletta Leotta who, according to what BlogTivvu writes, is very friends with Elodie, and with Georgina Rodriguez, partner of Cristiano Ronaldo.

In these days the rumors about the women of Amadeus at the Sanremo Festival are multiplying and Blogo has relaunched the news that the presenter and artistic director of the event could have his wife Giovanna Civitillo at his side. Last year she limited herself to the role of special correspondent to Live Life, but for the 2021 edition she could carve out a more important role.

If none of the parties directly concerned have made any comments at the moment, it is certain that Amadeus focuses on beauty and professionalism as regards its Sanremo partners. Just like last year when he wanted with him Rula Jebreal, Antonella Clerici, Francesca Sofia Novello, Emma D’Aquino, Laura Chimenti, Sabrina Salerno, Alketa Vejsiu, Mara Venier, in addition to the aforementioned Diletta Leotta and Georgina Rodriguez.

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