Sanremo 2021, what happens if a singer or a member of his staff is positive

Sanremo 2021, what happens if a singer or a member of his staff is positive

In the event of a positive outcome, the security protocol prepared for the Sanremo 2021 Festival is activated

Sanremo 2021, the singers in the competition of the 71st edition

Organizing the Sanremo 2021 Festival in times of Covid was a difficult and for some even risky initiative. Of course, the work behind it is truly enormous: Rai has adopted a security protocol aimed at ensuring that the risk of spreading the virus is minimized. But what if a singer or a member of his staff tests positive for Coronavirus?

This is not a completely detached hypothesis from reality, since it has already happened on some occasions in recent days. Up to now, there have been several positive swabs among the many carried out in front of the entrance to the Ariston Theater – which can be accessed, precisely, only after a negative quick test. It happened with a Radio Rai technician and a dancer from Elodie's corps de ballet, both of whom were placed in solitary confinement before they could infect someone else.

And it happened with the Dellai, competing among the Young, who contracted Covid a few weeks ago asymptomatically and had to wait for a negative swab before being readmitted to the competition. Then it was the turn of Moreno Conficconi, a member of Extraliscio, who tested positive on the quick test a few days before the start of the Festival. Which had seriously jeopardized his participation (so much so that both he and the other members of his band were immediately quarantined), were it not that the subsequent molecular test had disproved his positivity.

A few hours after the opening night of Sanremo 2021, it emerged that a member of the Irama staff tested positive. The singer was immediately subjected to a swab, and pending the result his performance was postponed for precautionary reasons. Irama was in fact in the lineup for the evening of Tuesday 2 March 2021: Noemi performs in her place, as we learn from what was communicated by Rai, while the artist competing with the song The genesis of your color could go on stage during the second appointment.

In reality, it is not yet clear what will happen, because it all depends on the outcome of his swab. In case of negativity, as happened to Moreno Conficconi and the Dellai, he will be able to perform normally. If, on the contrary, the test confirms the infection, Irama will probably have to withdraw from the competition. According to the protocol, in fact, those who test positive must undergo a 10-day quarantine before being able to carry out a new swab. Obviously impossible, since the Festival is now underway.

Amadeus himself explained to Tg1 that if the Irama staff member tests positive for the molecular swab "Irama will go to quarantine and will have to withdraw from the race".

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