Sanremo, Balivo sulla Leotta: "You can't talk about privacy with that dress"

Sanremo, Balivo sulla Leotta: "You can't talk about privacy with that dress"

Caterina Balivo turned very severely on Twitter against Diletta Leotta

Who is Diletta Leotta, the Sky journalist

Caterina Balivo against Diletta Leotta. The host of "Detto Fatto" commented in real time on the words of the sports journalist, hosted by the Sanremo Festival.

La Leotta appeared on stage, alongside Carlo Conti and Maria De Filippi, wearing a very sexy red dress (which recalled the – now legendary – worn by Belen Rodriguez a few years ago).

To arouse the disappointment of the Balivo was the wide gap that highlighted the beautiful legs of Leotta. This is the tweet (which – we imagine – will make a lot of discussion): "You can't talk about the violation of the #privacy with that dress and with the hand that tries to widen the slit of the skirt".

On the stage of the Ariston Diletta Leotta, urged by Carlo Conti, he referred to the unpleasant news that saw her as the protagonist: the online distribution of some private photos. "For me it was a very serious violation of privacy – said the Sky Sport journalist – I didn't cry. I pulled out a force I didn't think I had. "

From the Festival Diletta Leotta has launched an appeal to all women who have suffered the same violence: "Report".

Caterina Balivo apologized to Leotta for her tweet.

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