Sanremo, Fedez and Francesca Michielin confess

Sanremo, Fedez and Francesca Michielin confess

Fedez and Francesca Michielin tell the mistake that could cause the disqualification from the Sanremo Festival

Sanremo 2021, the singers in the competition of the 71st edition

Fedez and Francesca Michielin confess after risking exclusion from Sanremo a few weeks ago. In fact, the rapper had accidentally posted on Instagram a few seconds of the song that the couple will bring to the Ariston stage, thus going against the regulations of the Festival. Amadeus, after analyzing the case, has decided not to eliminate the artists who now tell those difficult moments that have made their collaboration even stronger.

"I was not angry and I consider it a malice to say that it was done to talk about us", Michielin told Ansa, speaking of those particular days, while Fedez revealed that he had received great support from his colleague: absurd it was Francesca who gave me psychological support for the 'crime' – he confessed -. It was not a strategic move, but a tragicomic mistake, which I will tell after the festival so as not to make things worse. I have already apologized to Francesca and then also to Amadeus and Rai for having created a further problem, at a time when problems were certainly not lacking ".

In a few days, Francesca and Fedez will land on the Ariston stage with the song Call me by name in a Sanremo Festival that will be full of strong emotions. A single that comes almost ten years after the Black Swan and Magnificent, their successful collaborations. “We winners announced? Not at all, we go to enjoy our Sanremo to the full and in an all-encompassing way, to have fun and to sing at our best on stage ", they clarified. To cheer for Fedez there will undoubtedly be Chiara Ferragni and little Leone. The artist is experiencing a magical period in his life, in fact in a few months he will become a father for the second time. The influencer and the singer can't wait to hold their second child in their arms, who will be a girl.

"I have a certain anxiety – confessed Fedez -, but I chose shock therapy", explaining that he wanted to "live the experience as such, taking everything there is". While Michielin concluded by saying: “It will be a very powerful Sanremo also for this as a message. The signal to be given now is to be there ".

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