Sanremo, Fedez publishes a few seconds of the track in the race: risk of disqualification

Sanremo, Fedez pubblica alcuni secondi del brano in gara: rischio squalifica

Francesca Michielin and Fedez risk disqualification from Sanremo after the diffusion of some notes of "Call me by name" on Instagram

Risk of disqualification for Fedez who posted a video on Instagram with a few seconds of his song competing in Sanremo. Call me by name is the title of the single that Francesca Michielin and Fedez will bring to the Ariston stage on the occasion of the 71st edition of the Festival hosted by Amadeus. Their participation, however, could now be at risk due to a misstep made on social media.

The video with the song by Fedez and Francesca Michielin published on Instagram

To "betray" Fedez an Instagram story in which, most likely, he forgot to mute the song. In the past, in fact, the rapper had already published some clips that told of the rehearsals and preparations for returning to Sanremo with his friend Francesca Michielin and the fans had greatly appreciated. This time, however, things went differently. In the video posted by Fedez, the rapper is in the rehearsal room while he sings the song destined for Sanremo and jokes with his son Leone and his wife Chiara Ferragni, who rushed to the recording studio to support him. "Lello reviews the Sanremo song", says the rapper, then asking his son: "How much do you like the new Sanremo song from one to ten?". The little one promptly replies: “One!”. And he amused comments: "He didn't hear it …". In the meantime, however, the notes of the single can be clearly heard in the background which, according to the regulation, should be unpublished and never heard by the public.

Fedez and Francesca Michielin at risk of disqualification from Sanremo

After realizing the mistake, the artist immediately deleted the clip, but his intervention was not enough to calm the controversy. "We'll pretend we haven't heard the first version of this video," some fans wrote. In the meantime, however, the notes of Call me by name also ended up on Youtube where the video was then removed. According to reports from Ansa, the artistic direction of the Sanremo Festival, chaired by Amadeus, and Rai have already taken action to carry out the necessary checks and will make a decision on the matter in the coming days.

What the regulations of the Sanremo Festival say and what Fedez risks

What does the regulation of the Sanremo Festival say? As is known, the songs that arrive on the Ariston stage must be unpublished, but the very short duration of the video could save Fedez and Francesca Michelin from disqualification. According to what we read on the official regulations of the festival: "It is considered new, pursuant to and for the purposes of these Regulations, the song which, in its composition as a whole or in the musical part only or in the literary text only (except for this 'last any duly authorized editorial initiatives) has not already been enjoyed, even if for free, by a present or distant public, or performed or interpreted in whole or in part live or in a recorded version in the presence of present or distant public. By way of non-exhaustive example, there is also the characteristic of "new song" when: the song in the composition as a whole or in the musical part only or in the literary text only has been occasionally interpreted and / or performed live (or diffused in recorded version) in a private and / or family context or in any case outside the exercise of the artistic profession even if a filming and / or recording and / or reproduction has taken place by anyone, even if the Artist has had knowledge of it ".

The precedents: the songs admitted to Sanremo after the controversy over the regulation

It is not the first time that a singer competing in Sanremo risks being disqualified after breaking the rule that the song brought to the Ariston should be unpublished. In the past, a controversy similar to that of Fedez had also invested Nicolas Bonazzi with Saying that it is normal and Simone Cristicchi with the song Che Bella Gente. Both artists had been regularly admitted to the Festival. Among the most famous controversies also the one that involved Ermal Meta-Fabrizio Moro, who in 2018 competed with the single You did nothing to me. The song had ended up in the spotlight, accused of being the reworking of another song. The artistic direction, however, had judged You have done nothing to me as an unreleased and for this reason he had been admitted to the Festival. The case of Chiara Ferragni's husband is very similar to that of the couple made up of Gigi D’Alessio and Loredana Bertè. In 2012, Breathe risks not reaching Ariston because a small preview was provided on the artists' Facebook and Youtube pages. After long discussions, however, the artists get the green light and can compete.

The greats excluded from the Sanremo Festival for breaking the regulation

If the exclusion from Sanremo of Bugo and Morgan in the 2020 edition is an unprecedented case, in the past there are several artists who have renounced the Festival after breaking the regulation. In 1992, Jo Squillo was forced to leave the festival because her song Me gusta il movimiento in the past had been mentioned during a concert. Four years later Ornella Vanoni, competing with Bello amore, is accused of having violated article 18 of the regulation, namely: "The public performance of the musical part of the piece, albeit with different words, probably without the artist herself was aware of it ". A few days earlier, in fact, Mare mare, a piece by Emilia Pellegrino, had been broadcast on the radio with an identical melody. The same fate touches Gerardina Trovat who does not participate in the Festival because her song had already been performed during a live concert. In 2008 it's up to Loredana Bertè and the single Musica e Parole. The piece is excluded from the competition after legal verifications and checks because the musical part is identical to that of Sesto Senso, a piece in 1988. Pippo Baudo, however, allows Bertè to perform out of competition, duet with Ivana Spagna and singing in the final evening.

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