Sanremo Festival, what to earn

Sanremo Festival, what to earn

What do you earn at the Sanremo Festival? Cachet, advantages for the winner and all the rewards of the event

Sanremo 2021, the singers in the competition of the 71st edition

What do you earn with the Sanremo Festival? Few people know, but whoever wins the event does not get a cash prize. Unlike what happens in numerous competitions, including talent shows and TV programs, the singers in the race compete for one purpose only: the podium.

A rule that Sanremo has always maintained and which, over the years, has made the competition so special. Despite this, winning the first prize in the Festival entails numerous advantages deriving from record sales, from hosted TV and from interviews. The high media exposure is also the driving force for tours and concerts.

The winner of Sanremo also receives as a prize that of representing Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest, one of the largest European music festivals with a worldwide resonance and followed by millions of people. Not only that: various prizes are awarded during the Festival. The most important is undoubtedly the Mia Martini Critics' Award which is awarded by the jury. Then we find the Lucio Dalla press room prize, which is awarded by all the journalists present in the room. This is followed by the Enzo Jannacci Prize which is assigned to the best interpretation, the Giancarlo Bigazzi prize for the best composition and the prize for the most listened to song in streaming.

A different speech can be made for the cachet. The guests, the host and the co-hosts of Sanremo in fact receive a fee. According to what Il Giornale reports, for example, Amadeus for the 2021 edition of the Festival will receive a fee similar to that of the previous year which is around 500-600 thousand euros. A gain that does not refer only to the five evenings of the event, but also to the work done in the previous months to prepare for the event.

The remuneration of two super protagonists of Sanremo is different: Rosario Fiorello and Zlatan Ibrahimovic who should earn an average of 50,000 euros each evening, for a total of 250,000 euros. Among the most anticipated guests on the Ariston stage there are undoubtedly Elodie and Achille Lauro who, according to rumors, could receive a compensation similar to that received in 2020 by Diletta Leotta, ie 25,000 euros.

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