Sanremo, Giovanna Civitillo: "Amadeus the hero, in the evening he could not undress"

Giovanna Civitillo returns to talk about Sanremo 2021 and reveals the background of the Festival and Amadeus

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 6: fifth evening

Giovanna Civitillo comments on the Sanremo 2021 conducted by Amadeus, revealing the difficulties faced by the conductor who carried out the event, passing the test with flying colors. “Amadeus was a hero – he told the weekly DiPiù -. He tried to entertain the public, amusing but not exaggerating, respecting what the pandemic is causing. And he had to deal with an empty theater, which "would have broken the legs" of anyone. But not to him, not to Fiorello ”.

In the early evening of Sanremo 2021, Amadeus and Fiorello did not hide their anxiety in front of the empty stalls of the Ariston theater, despite this they did not stop, giving the public a splendid show. Giovanna Civitillo in those difficult moments has always remained close to Amadeus. The showgirl explained that her husband never ate before live TV and that after returning to the hotel he allowed himself a chamomile tea. A way to release tension and relax after a long live.

"Chamomile in those moments was ideal: after five hours of live broadcast in which Amadeus had given all of himself he just needed to relax, to release tension – explained the host's wife, revealing that in those moments Amadeus looked very tired out -. Sometimes, when he arrived in the dressing room after the episode he was so tired that he could not even undress ”.

Almost twenty years have passed since Amadeus and Giovanna met for the first time in the Rai studios of the Legacy. At the time he was leading the quiz, while she took on the role of the Shock, giving life to a famous ballet. "In my private life there was my daughter – Amadeus recalled some time ago in an interview with the weekly magazine Chi -, I was single for two or three years and I lived my condition peacefully: I was 40 years old and I didn't think about great love, I had already been lucky at work. Then she came and I immediately understood that she was the woman of my life: I felt emotions that I had never felt before. And we were not wrong: we got engaged in 2003 and we were always happy ”.

A love sealed by the wedding and the birth of a son, Josè. Giovanna has always been Amadeus' "fixed point" and also in this 2021 Festival she gave strength and courage to her husband.

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