Santarelli, the son wins his battle. The (moving) announcement on Instagram

Santarelli, the son wins his battle. The (moving) announcement on Instagram

With two long posts on Instagram, Elena Santarelli announces the end of the treatment of her son Giacomo

It will be a happy and peaceful "Mother's Day" for Elena Santarelli, who has just announced the end of the treatment of her son Giacomo, hit by a malignant brain tumor.

It's a difficult story with a happy ending, that of the beautiful Italian showgirl who fought a tough battle against her son's cancer. Today, years later, Santarelli publishes two long posts on Instagram to announce to the public the end of Giacomo's treatment and to thank the entire pediatric oncology department of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome, as well as all the doctors who have followed the baby over the years.

In the first post, a photo of Giacomo appears, wearing a white t-shirt with the print "Keep Calm, I'm in follow up", accompanied by a long description of the difficult adventure lived by Elena Santarelli and her son. An adventure that ended in the best way, thanks to the commitment of the whole family, the strength of the child and the skill of the doctors. In short, an example of hope for all people who experience the same situation:

Today I want to witness a story with a happy ending to give hope to many families who are still struggling or who will find themselves fighting. Giacomo has won his battle on a malignant brain tumor and only now do I want to share this detail, hoping it can instill positivity to many families, but remembering that every child has his own story and path. When you face such a path you sometimes don't breathe after hearing other stories. My advice is to live your own story without making too many comparisons, relying on the doctors who are treating our children.

In the second post, however, Elena Santarelli publishes a photo of herself wearing the "It's a wonderful day" shirt, to remember the wonderful day of the end of the care of her son Giacomo. To accompany the image, a very long post of thanks for doctors and friends who have never abandoned the showgirl's family and who, indeed, have been precious in their time of need.

A splendid news for Santarelli and his family, who will thus be able to live in serenity on Mother's Day. A more than deserved day for the showgirl, who showed great strength and immense love for Giacomo.

Elena Santarelli's son – Source: Instagram

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