Sara Affi Fella shows herself on Instagram after giving birth: "I've never seen myself so beautiful"

Sara Affi Fella shows herself on Instagram after giving birth: "I've never seen myself so beautiful"

Beautiful and radiant: Sara Affi Fella posted a photo in which she fearlessly shows the body of a new mother

Beautiful and proud of her body: Sara Affi Fella has recently become the mother of the eldest son Tommaso, born on 30 September from love with the footballer Francesco Fedato. A pregnancy that, as the former tronista of Men and Women told the weekly Spy, was not easy at first, so much so as to induce her to stay close to the family: "Unfortunately, it's not an easy pregnancy – she revealed -. In fact, I chose to go back to my hometown to have my mother by my side in this delicate period ".

And today, a few weeks after giving birth, she shows her body without fearing judgments, but rather sending a nice positive message to all her followers: "Since the beginning of my pregnancy I have started noticing every single change in my body … I was attentive to the shape and seeing myself like this in the early periods scared me a bit. Maybe a few years ago I would never have thought of publishing a photo like this, but then life changes and with her I have changed too. Today I look at this photo, I think of my son and I smile. I smile because in reality I have never seen myself so beautiful ".

And she is truly beautiful, wearing a minimal underwear suit and fearlessly showing the body of a woman after giving birth to a child: a changed body, but still perfect. A photo that her many fans on Instagram liked, who showered her with compliments, as did her partner.

Sara Affi Fella had made her debut on the small screen as a participant in the Temptation Island show and, after the farewell to her boyfriend Nicola Panico, she had been chosen for the role of tronista for Men and Women. But at the end of the show there was a scandal, as it was discovered that Sara had participated in the program despite being still engaged to Panic.

Distant times, today Sara is paired with Francesco Fedato and little Tommaso has arrived from their love. On the occasion of her birth, she herself wrote an emotional post on Instagram: “I can't find the words to describe how I feel. All the pain goes away every time your dad and I take you in our arms. You are joy, hope and my starting point. Today I can say that I am grateful for life. Thank you my love. Tommaso Fedato 30/09/2020 ".

Happy and satisfied mother, who shows herself with pride and without fear.

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