Sara Tommasi got married: who is her husband Antonio Orso

Sara Tommasi got married: who is her husband Antonio Orso

Sara Tommasi married Antonio Orso, manager in the entertainment world.

The marriage of Sara Tommasi and Antonio Orso is official: a simple but elegant civil ceremony in Massa Martana, in Umbria, the 39-year-old's region of origin. The showgirl, who had suffered a lot in the past, thus finds peace and serenity, together with her great love, which she has been waiting for for so long.

The wedding took place in full compliance with the anti-covid rules: in fact, the couple had postponed the marriage due to the Coronavirus. Few of the guests, especially the Orso family, as they were unable to move due to regional restrictions.

But who is Antonio Orso? The focus now is on him, who was able to steal the heart of a woman who unfortunately, in life, has been through a lot, perhaps too much. We know that it is her manager, who has been following her assiduously for some years, advises and supports her. Antonio and Sara have known each other for some time now and their love blossomed almost immediately.

Love at first sight as in the most acclaimed love novels: a glance, and the two immediately felt a sort of natural empathy. Manager by profession, the meeting between Sara and Antonio was favored by mutual friends; then, a brief meeting.

Antonio proposed the wedding in a very romantic way to Sara: a trait of her character that the showgirl loved right away. First in Montecarlo, then in Turin, the manager took Tommasi to the jewelry store, where he made her choose the ring, to seal their union. Orso has a degree in Law and a Masters in Entertainment Law.

For work, he represents many artists, including the renowned Eva Henger. Hers is a simple, genuine personality, very dedicated to work and above all to love. He is also a lover of good music, often shared on his official Instagram profile.

The showgirl wore a vintage-inspired dress, with lace and organza, which made her simply gorgeous on one of the most important days of her life. The wedding was also concluded with a wonderful candlelit dinner, in the name of the romanticism so dear to Tommasi's husband.

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