Sarah Jessica Parker: “I have wrinkles and white hair. Should I disappear? “


Sarah Jessica Parker bursts out on social media against cruel and sexist criticism: “I have wrinkles and white hair. What can I do about it, do I have to stop getting old and disappear? “

Sarah Jessica Parker, Andie, Jodie and the others: “gray” and happy

And in the end Carrie really got pissed off. Sarah Jessica Parker, who in recent months is shooting the miniseries And Just Like That, revival of Sex and the City in New York, was severely attacked by haters for choosing to show herself with gray hair and the inevitable wrinkles of a (beautiful ) 56-year-old woman.

Because you know, if they are lifted they are “redone” but if they are not retouched: “Oh my God, what a shame to show yourself to the cameras with all the signs of aging”. Forgetting the wonderful phrase said by Anna Magnani about her wrinkles, which the actress never wanted to cover or remove: “Leave me all the wrinkles, don’t take off even one. It took me a lifetime to make them come ”.

Sarah Jessica Parker sul set di "And Just Like That"

After weeks of attacks on social media, on TV, or in the media, Sarah blurted out against what she considered to be bad and above all sexist attacks:

It would never happen with a man. Everyone has to say something. It has too many wrinkles, it does not have too many wrinkles. It seems that people don’t want us to feel right where we are, as if they enjoy seeing us feeling sorry for who we are today. Whether we choose to age naturally and not look perfect or if you do something that makes us feel better. I’m what I look like I have no choice, what can I do? Stop getting old? To disappear?

Sarah Jessica Parker nel revival di Sex and the City

And Just Like That, ten half-hour episodes each, follows the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw (Jessica Parker), Charlotte York (Davis) and Miranda Hobbes (Nixon) and their lovers and friends as they cross the age of 50. The series will air on Hbo Max with Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones in the original series, will not participate.

Sarah Jessica Parker sul se tdi sul set di 'And Just Like That'

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