Scenes from a wedding, Tatangelo diva d’autunno: colors to copy immediately

Anna Tatangelo returns to the conduct of Scenes from a wedding with a perfect outfit for autumn with a polka dot shirt and chinos

Anna Tatangelo, gorgeous in costume: photos on Instagram

The appointment with Anna Tatangelo and Scenes from a marriage is renewed, the historical format of Mediaset that made her debut at the conduction. The beautiful artist from Sora tried to collect emotions and impressions of the future spouses with a delicacy that surprised the public. For this occasion, she chose a very simple look that enhanced her statuary beauty.

Scenes from a wedding, Anna Tatangelo in brown

The outfits chosen by the presenter have always been spot on and suitable for the ceremony she attended. For Giorgia and Francesco’s wedding, she opted for a brown polka dot shirt, paired with chinos that match the color of the top. The shoes, on the other hand, are classic nude décolleté with a stiletto heel that slims her figure and her slender body.

Although she could definitely dare more, Anna Tatangelo has always preferred to go towards sober looks and that could not affect the beauty of the bride, who has always kept the center of attention. Her looks were also a reflection of the cut she gave to her run, centered on the stories of the spouses and the details of their love story.

The story of Giorgia and Francesco

Giorgia and Francesco are the spouses of the episode of Scenes from a wedding of 20 November. They are 27 and 33 and have been engaged for 7 years. Their love blossomed from the first glance. In fact, he fought to conquer her and, from the moment their eyes met, they never left. So they decided to go to live together, after 3 years of engagement, and Geneva was born from their union.

The decision to marry came at a time of great pain. In fact, Francesco has lost his mother Cristina, who had always expressed the desire to see her son get married in church with his partner. The ceremony took place at the parish of the Santi Angeli Custodi in Piazza Sempione in Rome. This choice was not accidental, as it is the very church where his parents got married in 1970.

The return of Scenes from a wedding on Canale5 has taken on a very particular meaning. The show has transformed, taking strength from a new contemporaneity that has been given to it after many months of hiatus due to the pandemic. The great Italian wedding feasts are here synonymous with a faint sign of restart, which has been expected for too long.

Anna Tatangelo on Instagram

Anna Tatangelo on Instagram

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