“Schermi d’Amore” returns, Verona, the capital of romantic cinema

“Schermi d’Amore” returns, Verona, the capital of romantic cinema

After a long pause, the Festival resumes its journey into the galaxy of feelings. From 12 to 19 February 2019

After the preview Schermi d'Amore – The recovered thread (held in the summer of 2018 at the Roman Theater), the Municipality of Verona and the Verona Film Festival announced the long-awaited return of the Schermi d'Amore Film Festival, now in its 15th year edition. The event will take place from 12 to 19 February 2019 at the Ristori Theater. Born in Verona in 1996, Schermi d'Amore celebrated romantic cinema until 2010, curating thematic retrospectives, offering exclusive previews and projecting over a thousand films.

After a long pause, the Festival resumes its journey into the galaxy of feelings: an ever-expanding universe, able both to reveal new faces (literally and figuratively) every time, and to contaminate all the other areas, from melodrama to comedy , from the musical to the biopic.

The 15th edition of Schermi d'Amore (here you will find all the information) is divided into four parts

  • Past / Present
  • All the Carmen of the world
  • Impossible loves in fantastic cinema
  • Courts of love

and it is enriched by a parallel path of workshops, organized by Ippogrifo Produzioni, to help young people (aged between 16 and 26) discover the professional dimension of cinema.

The main segment, Passato / Presente, offers a journey into the sentimental cinema of today and yesterday, between young directors from all over the world and great masters (Ingmar Bergman and Stanley Donen), unpublished films in Italy and unmissable restorations, such as those of two cult that celebrate their 40th birthday: Mark Rydell's The Rose and Peter Yates's Breaking Away, little known in our country and for this very reason to rediscover. Particular attention is given to women behind the camera, from Barbra Streisand (of whom we propose the debut Yentl, 1983) to new authors such as Léa Mysius, Rohena Gera and Gaya Jiji.

The opening title of Schermi d'Amore 2018 (The Phantom of the 1925 Opera, scheduled for Tuesday 12 February with live musical accompaniment) comes instead from the focus Impossible loves in fantastic cinema, aimed at both "genre" cinephiles and to young spectators curious to discover the sentimental dimension of fantasy and horror, thanks to comparisons like those between The monster of the black lagoon (1954) and The shape of the water (2017) or the two versions of The kiss of the panther, realized forty years apart. Also in this context, the Circolo del Cinema in Verona will propose the phantom of the stage by Brian De Palma (1974) as an extra title.

The segment All the Carmen of the world examines the most significant reinterpretations that the rebel gypsy (created by the writer Prosper Mérimée and made immortal by the work of Georges Bizet) had in the cinema, while the Corti d'amore are eight "big little" films theme.

To these sections, the special closing event is added: Tribute to Claude Lelouch. In fact the guest of honor of the 2018 edition is the great French writer, producer and director (author of over sixty titles, including feature films, short films, documentaries and TV series), which, during the last evening of the Festival, will be awarded the Schermi d'Amore Award, a recognition that, starting this year, will go to the personalities who have distinguished themselves during their career within the sentimental and mélo genre. To follow, the exclusive projection of the masterpiece by Lelouch, in a restored version, Un uomo, una donna (1966), awarded with both the Golden Palm at Cannes, and with two Oscars (Best foreign film and Best original screenplay).

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