School calendar 2016/17: when school starts in Abruzzo

School calendar 2016/17: when school starts in Abruzzo

School calendar year 2016/17 of the Abruzzo Region; let's see together when the start and end of the school is planned, the Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and other holidays

What does the 2016/17 school calendar of the Abruzzo Region include? Even though we are in the middle of summer, many students are looking for information on the internet about the start of school lessons The Abruzzo Region has published on its website the official school calendar for the year 2016/17, which shows the start and end dates of the lessons, the Christmas holidays, the Easter holidays, the bridges and the various holidays . Also this year, each region has published its own school calendar for the current year. The start date of the schools is chosen independently by each region, based on the needs and needs of the area.

However, the regions themselves have the possibility to modify these dates, in exceptional cases. Precisely for this reason, we advise you to take into account the school calendar 2016/17 of the Abruzzo Region, but to contact your structure for confirmation. Furthermore, we remind you that the school calendar is valid for primary schools, middle schools and high schools, while as far as nursery schools are concerned the closure has been set for 30 June 2017, regardless of the region. Let's look at the 2016/17 school calendar for the Abruzzo region.

The date on which the Abruzzese students will return to school was scheduled for 12 September 2016, while the date of the last day of school is scheduled for 7 June 2017. As for the Christmas holidays , the institutes will be closed from December 24th 2016 to January 8th 2017, while for Easter holidays the schools will be closed from April 13th to April 18th 2017. Furthermore, the institutions of Abruzzo will remain closed for bridges and holidays on October 31, 2016 and April 24, 2017. Now let's see the days of national holidays, or those days when all the schools in Italy are expected to close.

National holidays are November 1, when All Saints are celebrated, on December 8th, when the Immaculate Conception is celebrated, on December 25th and 26th respectively on Christmas Day and St. Stephen's Day, January 1st, January 6 or Epiphany, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, April 16th and 17th, 2017, April 25th, Liberation Day, May 1st, Labor Day and June 2nd, Republic Day . For greater convenience it is possible to download the 2016/17 school calendar in PDF format directly from the Region's website.

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