School calendar 2016/17: when the school starts in Liguria

School calendar 2016/17: when the school starts in Liguria

School calendar 2016/17 in Liguria: discovery from the date of the first day of school in this region, including bridges, all holidays and holidays

Liguria: the school calendar 2016/17 of this region allows to find all the useful information about the start and end date of the school year, the festivities such as Christmas, Carnival, Easter and all the bridges that will occur during the course of the year. When summer is coming to an end and the holidays are over, families and kids start to wonder what the first day of school is. In fact, there are many mothers who are starting to look for all the information related to the 2016/17 school calendar.

Every year some dates may vary depending on the bridges and holidays. If you too are curious to find out how the new year will evolve in school, then you are in the right place. Generally, before school starts, it is a good omen to mark all the most important dates, so as to keep them in mind and be aware of any closing days of the school. Despite this, it must be taken into consideration that depending on the region there is a different calendar, which may present variations.

Therefore, it is necessary to inquire carefully, in order to have a clear picture of this new path to take with your children. The school calendar 2016/17 of Liguria also allows you to find out what the National Holiday days are. Each educational institution may present variations relating to the holidays and therefore the closing days may sometimes be extended. It is also necessary to take into consideration that the primary school establishes the closure for June 30, 2017, while for the middle and high school it is possible to find the necessary information below.

The 2016/17 school calendar in Liguria: school start date: 14 September 2016; school end date: Saturday 10 June 2017; Christmas holidays: from December 23rd 2016 to January 7th 2017; Easter holidays: from 13 to 18 April 2017; bridges and holidays: 31 October 2016; 24 April 2017 (celebration of the Patron Saint). National holidays include the following days of vacation: 1 November; December 8th; 25 and 26 December; January 1 for the celebration of the New Year; January 6 for the Epiphany; 16 and 17 April 2017 (Easter holidays); April 25 (Liberation Day); May 1st (Labor Day) and finally the Republic Day on June 2nd.

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