School is over: let your children get bored

School is over: let your children get bored

At least on vacation we avoid marking our children's day with commitments and deadlines: we will encourage their creativity and independence

The school is over and for your children three long months of vacation have begun. If they are in seventh heaven, perhaps you are a little less so: if it is relatively easy to organize their time during the school year, it is much more complex during the summer.

In recent months their time was almost totally organized between school and extra-curricular activities, and in the evening they were so tired that the bedtime came very soon. But now, with the longest days and much more time available, keeping them busy is a challenge, the risk is that they spend hours and hours in front of the TV series, spend the day chatting or sticking to video games. What to do then?

A solution may be to enroll them in summer camps, to replicate as much as possible the model applied in the winter months. But a probably better option is, unexpectedly, just to let them get bored.

Taken from activities organized for them by others, children often fail to understand what their inclinations are. Boredom, on the contrary, is useful to make our children understand what their passions may be. It is precisely in the moment in which "we do not know what to do" that creativity, the process that leads to imagining, and finding, one's own way of having fun takes place.

Children need not only stimuli, but also time to "lose" to listen to themselves: this is possible only when their time is neither structured nor full of commitments, when everything around them is calm and they feel free to start exploring the world, independently of parents. Of course at the beginning they will complain because they are not used to being without doing anything, but in the end they will find a way to spend time.

Trying out what boredom will cause the child to invent something to do, thus stimulating his inventiveness and organizational skills. As long as parents use all their energy to fill their children's empty moments, they will never be able to focus on what to do with themselves and how to "build" their time to achieve results and gratifications.

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