School orientation and graphological profile

School orientation and graphological profile

How can we help our boys and girls to consciously choose the school that best suits their attitudes and desires?

School orientation: how can we help our boys and girls to consciously choose the school that best suits their attitudes and desires? Let's find out what a graphological profile can tell us. We talked about it with Chiara Biaggioni, Graphologist.

Can graphology be useful for orientation?

The word orientation reminds me of the figures of the three Magi who arrive from the East, each bringing a particular gift to a child. If each of us assumed we were that child, we could imagine collecting those gifts and then using them.

Broadening the circle we could almost say that it is by looking for the East, that is, by orienting ourselves, that we are able to take stock of our … strengths. Graphology studies man by observing his graphic expression, be it writing, drawing or scribbling and is able to return those gifts, helping people to see, understand and welcome them.

The choice of the school path

But what happens when, at the age of 13, boys and girls choose the course of study that will lead them to become "grown-ups"? At this young age, students have little knowledge of educational paths and hardly recognize their passions or desires, those that will move their happy choices in life.

The guidelines on school orientation highlight the need to support training orientation paths through various activities, such as the School Expo, internships at schools or open schools, orientation fairs, etc. There are also some figures in charge, such as guidance tutors, who are often those teachers of reference able to give useful information on the course of study deemed most suitable for the student.

The indication of the course of study suggested by the school is not always representative of the dreams, real interests or deep motivations of the children: those who have academic achievements in the middle range are sometimes undecided. Or those who do not go to school willingly, due to unsatisfactory results, do not really know in which direction to continue their studies. I am referring, for example, to young people, today more and more, who have cognitive problems or specific learning disorders who seem to have nothing left to do but resign themselves (preferably in punishment) to their headaches.

The graphological interview

It becomes therefore important, in the third year of the lower secondary school, to accompany the children on a path of self-orientation that provides for the knowledge of themselves, their resources and their efforts. Through the graphological interview, all these needs can be met a little: observing interests and inclinations, listening to desires and projects and enhancing potentials and attitudes. Furthermore, a mediation is implemented between the wishes of the children, the orientations of the family and the opportune possibilities for their realization, finding a suitable course of study.

In fact, there are many aspects that can emerge from the graphological orientation profile, such as the type of organization and the intellectual priorities, the learning methods, which must be respected, as Redooc argues, the aptitude or lack of meeting the commitments undertaken. Other temperamental characteristics such as the trust or mistrust that supports the work, the ability to control or influence, sensitivity and emotionality, influence the motivation to study and the constancy of application.

Opening dialogic spaces in this moment of transition, perhaps the first that implies a conscious choice on the part of the student, becomes a sort of guarantee of future commitment.

With the help of the graphologist, the student will be able to make a personal assessment to get to know each other better and to gradually form their own identity, beyond the academic result.

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