Sea salt spray for perfect hair: what is it for?

Sea salt spray for perfect hair: what is it for?

If you like hair after a day at the beach, sea salt spray is for you. You can buy it or prepare it at home, here's how and how it works.

Hair: how to get the beach waves, the hairstyle of summer 2017

Sea salt spray, sea salt spray or beach spray, many terms for the same product, able to give a day-to-day effect on the sea. Have you already tried it?

Rebel waves throughout the year
Would you like wavy and sensual hair all year as you spend your time in the sun between the sea and the beach in summer? Sea salt spray is for you. Able to give the hair soft waves and give volume, it can be bought or prepared at home easily: heat 500 ml of water in a saucepan, once it is warm, melt half a tablespoon of sea salt in water. Let it cool and then pour it all into an empty sprinkler, then add a teaspoon of balm for a soft head of hair, a bit of regulating gel for better fixing and a few drops of coconut oil or almond oil to moisturize the hair . Shake carefully and the spray is ready. Add coconut or almond oil and conditioner depending on how dry your hair is.

A good idea is to add 1 or 2 drops of an essential perfumed oil so that the spray also smells good. If you also want a lightening effect, add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or chamomile tea to the spray.

How to create the beach waves aspect
If you want a wild look, spray the sea salt spray evenly on damp hair and let it air dry if possible or with a hair dryer with diffuser. It may be useful to dry the foliage upside down to give volume. For a slightly less rebellious effect, spray the spray on dry hair, roots included. Another good solution is to spray it first on damp hair and then when it is dry. Cover the lengths and then ruffle the strands with your hands to create the wavy look. The beach waves effect is thus assured.

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