Seashells: what to do with these marine jewels?

Seashells: what to do with these marine jewels?

They are often used to create jewelry, gifts and other souvenirs, and children love them. But be careful because collecting them is not always a good idea

They are beautiful and colorful, smoothed by the water or even rough, they are the shells that we find on the beach and on the shore, the same ones that we collect from time to time and take home as a souvenir of a trip or a day spent by the sea, or again, to do chores with our children.

In fact, they consider them to be true magical objects. It is no coincidence that during the summer days, they spend their time looking for and collecting the most beautiful shells together with mum and dad. However, it is appropriate to teach the little ones that those marine jewels, found on the beach, must remain in their natural environment.

Although the desire to collect the most beautiful ones and take them away is common in children, and even in adults, it is good to keep in mind that by doing so we can damage the marine environment by depriving it of shells. Awareness raising, starting with the smallest, is necessary.

Furthermore, by taking away shells, as well as other natural elements from the beach, we are committing a real crime as established by the Navigation Code.

In fact, shells, such as sand, pebbles and corals, must not be moved from their natural environment. And this also applies to flowers and wild herbs that, for example, are found in the mountains. Because that's their home, and that's where they have to stay.

These precious treasures of nature are in danger of disappearing. Not only for the climate changes underway, but also and above all for the neglect of the human being.

Even if we are driven by good faith, in fact, we cannot fail to take into account the effects of our actions on the environment. Just think of the wonderful beach of Budelli defaced by tourists and travelers who, attracted by such beauty, have taken away a lot of pink sand over the years. And it is also in Sardinia that, in the summer of 2017 alone, about 300 kilograms of shells collected by tourists were seized and ready to leave their natural habitat forever.

It is good to remember, therefore, that what for us is only a souvenir or an object to be transformed into a jewel or gift is actually fundamental for nature. Without the shells, in fact, there would be a risk of dangerously altering the marine environments and the survival of the creatures that depend on these shells. And, again, their absence would speed up the phenomenon of beach erosion.

In short, the shells do not touch. Children can go in search of these and collect the most beautiful ones, as long as they leave them there, where they found them. We teach the little ones to do it, because they are the real protagonists of a gentle and respectful revolution towards nature.

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