Secret song advances, among the guests Romina Power and Carolyn Smith

Secret song advances, among the guests Romina Power and Carolyn Smith

New appointment with "Secret Song": Serena Rossi will welcome Romina Power and Carolyn Smith to the studio

Serena Rossi and Davide Devenuto, story of a love

Serena Rossi is ready for the second appointment with her new show Secret Song: the format, broadcast every Friday on Rai 1, will return with many guests loved by the public, in a mix of music and touching moments.

Fresh from the incredible success of the fiction Mina Settembre, the actress Serena Rossi, in the unedited role of presenter, will lead her guests on a journey through memories and emotions. From the white armchair, the identifying element of the program, the protagonists of the episode will enjoy the "surprise" dedicated to them, unaware of everything that will happen.

In the second appointment of the show, to be welcomed by the hostess, will be Mika, Romina Power, Ciro Ferrara, Marcella Bella, Carolyn Smith and Michele Placido.

Canzone Segreta is a show with all the characteristics of the early evening variety, enriched by the warmth and strength of emotainment, which celebrates the dreams, the stories of the protagonists and their emotions. Actors, singers and well-known faces of the entertainment world will be accompanied by the first notes of their favorite song in a personal world of memories. All seasoned with films, photographs and projections that will retrace the most important moments of their lives.

Then, after retracing their history, the protagonists of the evening will receive a singing surprise from a singer or a group in homage to his secret song. The piece will be performed with a new arrangement compared to the original, a different orchestration and a different tonality, also to adapt the piece to the choreography of the ballet company and the performers who will accompany the interpretation.

During the first episode, some of the most beloved characters on TV went on stage: Serena Rossi in fact hosted Luca Argentero, who received a surprise from his partner Cristina Marino and some of his closest friends. The actor recounted the first meeting between him and his beloved: “It was in Santo Domingo, where I was not doing low-level tourism, we were shooting the same film. The song he danced was the one we danced together on the first night, ”Argentero revealed.

Guests of the episode also Franca Leosini, moved by the music of Riccardo Cocciante, Virginia Raffaele, Marco Tardelli and Carlo Conti, who let themselves be carried away by emotions remembering the most beautiful moments with their loved ones.

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