Secret Song, Serena Rossi is gorgeous. And Flora Canto surprises Brignano

Secret Song, Serena Rossi is gorgeous. And Flora Canto surprises Brignano

Serena Rossi is back with a new appointment of "Secret Song", dedicated to great emotions

Serena Rossi, her most beautiful looks from Sanremo to Canzone Segreta

The evening can only be full of surprises, if we spend it in the company of Serena Rossi: the new episode of Canzone Segreta has once again proved to be a riot of splendid music and emotion. Many guests who followed one another on stage, taking a seat on the now famous white armchair that accompanied them in a dip in their emotions.

Serena Rossi, gorgeous as always, has kicked off a new appointment of her Friday night show. For the occasion, after showing off so many enchanting dresses, she chose a charming look by Laura Biagiotti: to the delightful white strapless top she combined a pair of black palazzo trousers with simple lines, made special by a small vertical strip of rhinestones. Even in the make-up, the presenter was able to dare with elegance, opting for a plum-colored lipstick and a light smokey eyes.

To start the evening, Serena welcomed the beautiful Anna Valle into the studio – who enchanted everyone with a simple but wonderful black suit. His secret song? The splendid One, which on this occasion was played by Irama. On her notes, the actress saw some of the most important people in her life enter the scene: her sister Antonella, some of her closest friends and of course her husband Ulysses, who appeared on stage by surprise, giving her a red rose. And the Valley could not hold back the tears.

Then it was the turn of Enrico Brignano, who entertained the audience with a few jokes, before being overwhelmed by the emotion with the video message of his friend and colleague Giorgio Panariello. To sing Meraviglioso amore mio, his secret song, could only be Flora Canto, the partner who showed off a beautiful baby bump – she is pregnant with their second child, 4 years after her first child. "He is a boy, he will be born at the end of July" – Flora revealed to the microphones of Canzone Segreta – "He should be called Niccolò, the name was chosen by Martina".

Later, Giancarlo Giannini, Valeria Fabrizi, Massimo Ghini and Simona Ventura followed one another on the stage. Of course, for each of them there were incredible surprises, and their tears of joy won the viewers. Secret Song was once again a huge success.

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