Selena Gomez apologizes to Justin Bieber after the social dispute

Selena Gomez apologizes to Justin Bieber after the social dispute

Selena Gomez has decided to publicly apologize to Justin Bieber after the social dispute of a few days ago

After the violent social dispute of the past few days, Selena Gomez would have decided to apologize to Justin Bieber. The singer has in fact decided to apologize to her boyfriend after an exchange of jokes to the poison in which he accused her of having betrayed him with Zayn Malik, former singer of One Direction and now soloist.

"What I said was selfish and meaningless," explained Gomez on Snapchat. In recent days, the former Disney prodigy girl had attacked Justin Bieber accusing him of treating his fans badly and showing off his private life. It all started when the singer posted some photos on Instagram in the company of Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie, considered his new girlfriend.

Fans had gone wild verbally attacking the girl and insulting her, so much that Justin Bieber had to intervene, threatening fans to make his Instagram profile private. Hence the reply by Selena Gomez who commented on the shots of the ex-boyfriend as follows: "If you are unable to manage hatred, you may stop posting photos with your girlfriend. It should be a special thing only between you two. Don't be mad at your fans. They love you and have supported you before anyone else. "

Justin Bieber's reply was not long in coming and the interpreter of "Love Yourself" replied piqued: "It is fun to see the people who used me to pay attention, who tries to point the finger in this way. Sad. All my love. I hope you can be nice to my friends and vice versa. And yes I love my beliebers ".

But the fight doesn't stop there. Selena Gomez in fact replied to Justin Bieber again, recalling her constant betrayals "Funny as those who have betrayed you several times point the finger at those who are tolerant and supportive. Sad. All love "wrote the singer and at that point he blurted out:" I cheated … Oh, I forgot about you and Zayn? "Accusing her also of having been with Zayn Malik while they were together.

Now the back of Selena Gomez arrives like a bolt from the blue. That the two ex-friends felt they decided to make peace after the exchange of vitriolic jokes? For now, Justin Bieber's Instagram account is closed, then we'll see.

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