Self-tanner on the face: the tricks for a perfect selfie-proof result

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Have you wondered if you are applying self-tanner to your face correctly? With our help you will get a pro result.

If you have done in the past use of self-tanner by now you will know how to apply it perfectly on your body. But maybe you don’t feel so enthusiastic about the result you get on your face.

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Also, if you make a mistake applying self-tanner to your face, it is more difficult to hide it. For this reason we want to give you some advice to facilitate its application.

How to apply self-tanner on your face without making mistakes

Facial self-tanning can become part of your regular skincare routine. Therefore, you are ready to find out everything there is to know before trying to give to your face a natural and “solar” brightness?

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Below you will find some useful tips on how to apply self-tanner on the face to get a real pro result.

Clean your face

Before applying self-tanner to your face, cleanse your skin. You can use for example a leave-in facial cleanser, like micellar water, which removes makeup and cleanses the skin of dirt and impurities. With this type of product, all you have to do is pass a cotton pad soaked in micellar water over your face.

Gently scrub the skin

If you are a fan of self-tanning, you will know very well that it is important to exfoliate. Dead skin cells can build up on the surface of the skin and this can cause self-tanner not to be applied evenly.


After exfoliation, follow by applying a face moisturizer to create a homogeneous base for the self-tanner. Roll it out on the face and neck so that all dry areas of the skin are hydrated.

Choose the right self-tanner for you and apply it correctly

We remind you that not all self-tanners are made to be used on the face. Often these are self-tanners to be applied only under the neck. If you want to have tanned skin all over, it is common to use a self-tanner for the face and another for the body. To use it, pour the product on the palms of your hands and apply it evenly on the face. Remember to arrive over the jaw to the neck. After the self-tanner has dried completely, you can start dressing or wearing makeup. For extra caution, you can use disposable gloves or a self-tanning glove to apply the product to your face.

Match the color of the body to that of the face

The trick to creating a believable summer tan is apply the self-tanner all over the body so that the color is uniform.

Hydrate again

Once you’ve applied the product, it’s time to keep your tan. To do this, it is necessary keep the skin hydrated. Dry skin not only causes the tan to fade prematurely, but can also cause the skin to appear patchy, bumpy, and cracked.

Use delicate products

Maintaining a tan on the face can be more difficult than in other areas of the body, because other products are usually applied to the face, with the risk of fading the tan. To avoid this problem, we suggest you use skin care products that are gentle.

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