Self-tanning: mistakes to avoid for a top tan without sun

Self-tanning: mistakes to avoid for a top tan without sun

Sunless tanning? It is possible with the self-tanner, but beware of mistakes to avoid in order not to stain

In the summer, almost everyone has the desire to see themselves tanned, even if just a little. But there are those who just can't stand being in the sun, run the risk of rashes and burns or those who have no way of taking long holidays and getting a tan from envy. One solution is to use self-tanners, products that, if you know how to use, give a natural complexion. Before applying them, however, it is necessary to follow some precautions and avoid errors in order not to find themselves in spots or, worse, with too orange skin and a decidedly fake tone.

As a first step it is essential to exfoliate the skin

After choosing the self-tanner among the different formulations and colors, it is time to exfoliate the skin to eliminate dead cells, uniform the complexion and remove cuticles and dry areas. Just a simple scrub to make in the shower, easy to prepare even at home with salt, oil and honey. It would be better to exfoliate the day before applying the self-tanner, in order not to leave greasy residues on the skin. It is important to insist on the driest areas where the skin is thicker, such as elbows and knees, because in those places the self-tanner will absorb more quickly and there is a risk of it darkening too much.

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After exfoliation it is time for hair removal

To apply the self-tanner evenly, shave the areas where you want to apply it. In this way, the drafting will be easier and spots will be avoided. So go ahead with waxing, razor or depilatory creams, choosing the usual technique. If you present only a light hair, it is not necessary to depilate, just pay attention at the time of application. Again it is better to remove the hair the day before the one chosen to perform the treatment.

Self-tanning, here's how to apply it without errors

It would be appropriate to apply the self-tanner in the evening before going to sleep, taking into account that it will be a not rapid process, it requires care and attention to avoid making mistakes. In the morning, moisturize your skin with a classic cream, insisting on elbows, knees and particularly dry areas.

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In the evening, when applying, wear latex gloves or specific gloves often supplied with the product. By doing this you will avoid staining the palms of the hands which naturally do not tan and which, above all, would become orange. Spread the self-tanner following a criterion, so as not to forget any area. For example, start from the right side and focus on the arms, legs and torso, then move to the other side. Follow the instructions on the package, but always start from the bottom up, with circular movements and massaging the product well, taking care to avoid streaks. In areas near the wrists, front and back of the knees and elbows applied very little self-tanning with a small amount of moisturizer, in this way the product will be less loaded and will not darken too much. Do not spread the self-tanner on the heels and under the sole of the foot, areas that do not tan naturally but do not forget your ears, armpits and neck, to avoid detachment.

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Choose specific products on the face that do not create allergies, often lighter and moisturizing. The spray formulas guarantee a more precise result, but if you do not want to risk finding yourself too dark or blotchy, apply the self-tanner together with a veil of moisturizing cream. You can repeat the application several times to obtain the desired color, thus having greater control over the final result.

After the draft, it's time to wait

After applying the product, you will have to wait 15/20 minutes before touching or touching anything, in order not to stain but above all to allow complete absorption and to react with the skin and give you the desired color. If possible, do not dress for an hour or, if necessary, wear large items that are not too much in contact with the skin and that, in case, you don't mind staining.

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If you notice areas that are too dark or have made mistakes, don't worry. Make a light scrub in the offending areas or pass a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice, with a lightening effect.

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