Selfie, Gemma argues with Tina Cipollari and leaves

Selfie, Gemma argues with Tina Cipollari and leaves

Between Gemma of Men and Women Over and Tina Cipollari there is no good blood and they have given yet another demonstration

Tina Cipollari, from Men and Women to Beijing Express and Selfie

"There is someone who has compared me to a mummy thinking of offending me, but it is not so" Gemma Galgani presented herself to Selfie, the program that relaunched Simona Ventura (here she is in all her looks yesterday and today) as presenter, broadcast on Canale 5 every Monday evening.

Only his voice was enough to inflame Tina Cipollari, judge in the aforementioned broadcast that already persecuted Gemma during Men and Women Over. "I can't sit up, here you just don't stop me this time, nobody stops me today, what do you need? Of a miracle! Here there is no man to seduce, what did you come to do? Do not make the voice of sex, there are no men here, during the participation in Men and Women his voice changes, this is the voice of seduction "begins Tina.

Between one attack and another by Tina, Gemma tries to justify her presence on the broadcast "Someone accuses me of being fake, of being redone, it's not true, I'm here to improve myself" and Tina doesn't seem true, she offers her answer on a silver plate "It would take a blacksmith, you weren't even beautiful in swaddling clothes, chase a miracle, learn to accept yourself, but since you have this opportunity, ask for a complete coupon".

Tina is so excited that she stumbles into her dress, falls and even leaves the studio, and then returns and closes with "Gemma is one year older than the Bible". However, Gemma leaves the studio without 'tweaks' because none of the mentors believe she needs help to improve.

Gemma had reserved another surprise that had displaced everyone: with a message on her private Facebook, the undisputed protagonist of the Over Throne, announced the closure of the profile "Gemma official page": "I have to inform you that I will close the page shortly of 'Gemma official page' because I'm not a public figure … I'm one of you ".

The 63-year-old from Turin would therefore close her fan page, the public one, stating that the basis of the choice would be the fact of being a humble person, the woman next door, and not a public figure. In support of his thesis Gemma would also have admitted: "I learned that the page can be sponsored to make friends rise and never be … I want authenticity".

Gemma then encouraged her supporters by urging fans to close the page, to follow it on the private one. An unexpected gesture that of the lady of the Over Throne, who surprised her numerous followers. The post was flooded with likes and affection messages. “Gemma I love you so much. Can we talk in private? "," Gemma you are big! You are great! Great! I wanted you close to my heart because you look like me! A hug, little sister "," I'm also pleased that you stay on this page you are part of our days dear Gemma … and with that sweetness you bring us up … thank you ", are some of the many comments from the Turin fans.

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