Senile dementia: 1.2 million Italians suffer from it

Senile dementia: 1.2 million Italians suffer from it

Senile dementia in Italy: there comes a public health plan that favors assistance for patients. More than a million Italians are afflicted by it

Senile dementia in Italy afflicts 1.2 million elderly people today. Some scientific studies even show that, in about four years, the percentage of the population suffering from senile dementia, or Alzheimer's, could increase by going over 48 million. What is senile dementia? It is a generative disease that includes the development of deficits and behavioral disorders of the person. The elderly who suffer from this pathology gradually and inexorably lose the ability to provide for themselves and be autonomous.

It is for these reasons that the family members of the sick person must take care of his health, taking the first signs and turning to the family doctor. The latter plays a role of essential importance for the condition of elderly people suffering from senile dementia. A project named – National Dementia Plan – with new treatment scenarios, protects the figure of the family doctor: the plan was validated in 2014 and includes over six hundred family doctors.

The National Dementia Plan, in detail, presents a renewed planning of all operations for the benefit of the families in which elderly people suffer from senile dementia. From the first symptoms of the disease, the family doctor must direct the patient to a specific center for this disease, in order to create the necessary diagnosis. The new plan seeks to use services in favor of already active senile dementia patients, but in a coordinated and interactive way. What is the role played by the family doctor? It is the figure that has the task of mediating the various services and represents an important aid for the families of the sick.

The plan also includes a course of teachings for doctors, so that they can more easily recognize the symptoms of the disease and, consequently, to treat patients suffering from senile dementia in a suitable way. How is the family protected? The patient will be followed directly to the home by a health official who will manage his diet and care, which will also support him in daily activities such as walking and personal cleaning. Senile dementia, like other degenerative pathologies, requires abstention from smoking and an immediate diagnosis that allows timely intervention in patient therapy.

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