Senile dementia, deafness is a risk factor

Senile dementia, deafness is a risk factor

According to a recent survey there is a link between deafness and senile dementia: the elderly with hearing problems go towards mental decline more easily.

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A study published in the journal JAMA Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and conducted by researchers at Trinity College in Dublin highlights the relationship between deafness and senile dementia.

Senile dementia is a generative disease that includes the development of deficits and behavioral disorders of the person. The elderly who suffer from this pathology gradually and inexorably lose the ability to provide for themselves and be autonomous. In Italy, more than one million elderly people suffer from this disorder.

A good hearing is essential to maintain cognitive abilities, according to the survey conducted by analyzing data relating to as many as 20,264 people, hearing loss in the elderly increases the probability of developing senile dementia and accelerates cognitive impairment. In particular, the risk of dementia almost triples, while that of mental decline doubles. Deafness is therefore a risk factor to be taken into due consideration. To overcome this problem, hearing aids are extremely useful.

The correlation between hearing loss and dementia should come as no surprise since the elderly who find it hard to hear and understand others tend to isolate themselves and therefore become more susceptible to weakening cognitive functions. The elderly, in addition to paying attention to their own hearing, should take into consideration the

five golden rules suggested by the Alzheimer Society: moving, following the Mediterranean diet, keeping the brain busy with hobbies, controlling blood pressure and the onset of type 2 diabetes, not smoking (smoking significantly increases the risk to develop senile dementia and Alzheimer's because it damages blood vessels and reduces the amount of blood reaching the brain).

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