Sense diet: how to lose weight up to 40 kg permanently

Sense diet: how to lose weight up to 40 kg permanently

From Denmark a balanced diet and without the need to count calories

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Ultimately losing weight without having to lose your mind with calorie counting is everyone's dream! According to the principles of the Sense diet, a diet that allows you to lose up to 40 kg in just under a year, this is possible.

Developed and made famous by Suzy Wengel, administrator of a company active in the field of biotechnology and author of a best seller dedicated to this food scheme, the Sense diet is also known as the "four-handful method" or Scandi Sense Diet.

According to the Wengel, to lose weight it is sufficient to consume up to four handfuls of food for every single meal. The single handful must be measured using the palm of the hand as the reference unit and all four together must be as balanced as possible. This is an approach that is broadly reminiscent of the Zone diet, only to measure the amount of food to be taken, the palm of the hand is used instead of the tables structured on the nutritional values ​​of the various foods.

The ideal meal of the Sense (the rules foresee three throughout the day) starts with two handfuls of vegetables and continues with the proteins. These nutrients must be included in at least two of the three meals consumed each day.

The only exception concerns the case of those who practice physical activity constantly; in these situations it is in fact possible to increase the protein intake. In general it is better that they are not over-worked: attention therefore to ham and other sausages and free space for white meat, eggs, legumes, low-fat cheeses.

The presence of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, whole grains, fruit) is also fundamental, always respecting the rule of the four handfuls per meal. If you decide to skip them, the scheme provides for their replacement with vegetables. To remember are the fats (olive oil, avocado, butter, dried fruit are among the allowed foods), whose contribution should not exceed three tablespoons per meal.

The Sense diet, which according to Wengel would have allowed her to lose 40 kg in 9 months after many attempts to get back in shape, provides for specific limitations regarding dairy products, which must be consumed taking into account a maximum limit of 300 ml per day. Furthermore, it is essential that for every single ounce of product there are less than 3.5 grams of fat and not more than 5 carbohydrates (we are talking about the equivalent of a low-fat yogurt).

Not to forget is also the importance of drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day and the possibility to freely consume black coffee and black tea. Even spices can be used without problems to flavor dishes.

There are no specifically forbidden foods. The indications of the Sense diet, which in Denmark is widely followed and that like any weight loss diet should be started after consulting your doctor, however, strongly advise limiting the consumption of certain foods, such as sweets, ice creams and sugary drinks.

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