Sensitive and reactive skin? Here's how to treat it

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Sensitive and reactive skin needs pampering and some precautions to look beautiful, radiant, healthy and avoid redness and chapping

Sensitive and reactive skin is a particular type of skin. In addition to needing hydration and nourishment, as usual, it needs some extra pampering and attention. In fact, it easily tends to redden and crack, not only in the cold season, due to wind and low temperatures, but also with temperature changes. In summer, for example, it is affected by the sun, heat, sweat and air conditioning and it is necessary to treat it with extra care.

First of all, cleansing must be done in a delicate way, avoiding any type of rubbing. Instead of the classic cotton pads, it is better to prefer those in bamboo fiber or a microfibre cloth, to be combined with a soothing cleansing milk or a delicate make-up remover. Also avoid gel products, which could leave it too dry and dehydrated, with the classic sensation of skin tightening.

Mechanical scrubs, too aggressive, which would tend to irritate her, should also be avoided. Better to prefer a chemical exfoliation and then apply soothing and moisturizing products. Better not to abuse it, dedicating this type of treatment every 10 days and first performing a test in a hidden area to avoid the risk of an unwanted reaction.

A fundamental step is that of the soothing tonic, which calms the redness caused by the cleansing phase. Precisely for this reason it is better to use spray products, so as not to further touch the skin, such as Mediterranea Cosmetics Pharma Soothing Face / Body Water. It is sprayed on the face and left to dry. Allantoin, bisabolo and aloe vera are a panacea for dry or sensitive skin, because they moisturize without attacking, repair the skin and soothe irritated areas. After spraying this type of tonic, the skin of the face will experience immediate relief and deep freshness. This in particular is suitable for both the face and the body, for example immediately after epilation or shaving, but also after sports or in summer to cool off, while traveling or in the city.

As for serums and creams, it is better to avoid products that contain highly allergenic ingredients. We need moisturizing but protective treatments, which go to protect the skin barrier and at the same time to regenerate and restructure the skin, going to soothe itching, redness and irritation. Pharma Soothing Treatment by Mediterranea Cosmetics, for example, contains natural probiotics and Lactobacillus probiotics, which effectively protect the skin, helping the bacterial flora to perform its natural protective function.

Other key ingredients, to be found in a soothing treatment, are aloe, lavender essential oil, gotu kola, olive oil and chamomile, to name a few. After application, the skin will be soft, hydrated, elastic, smooth and it is essential to notice a decrease in redness and dryness.

Last but not least, the sunscreen cream. If it is essential to apply it throughout the year, but especially in summer, on any type of skin, it is imperative to apply it on sensitive and reactive skin, to avoid sunburn, dryness but, above all, sunburn.

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