Sensitive skin hair removal: we test the wax for delicate face and body skin

Sensitive skin hair removal: we test the wax for delicate face and body skin

We have tried for you the Sugaring line, Strep's sensitive skin wax, suitable for delicate skin for face and body

Red zone, orange zone, yellow zone, it seems to play "Strega commands color" and you no longer understand anything. Fortunately, yellow seems to prevail and even if the beauty centers are back available we love to carve out some time and dedicate it to the care of our skin. Hair removal is part of one of these moments and with some advice, foresight and with the choice of the right products, DIY waxing at home becomes a moment of relaxation and pampering with results worthy of a beauty salon.

That's why I tested the Strep Sugaring line for you, also dedicated to the hair removal of the most delicate skin. Waxing for sensitive skin, in fact, must be sweet and delicate, with active ingredients and soothing ingredients, and must reduce friction with the skin as much as possible. The Strep Sugaring body depilatory strips, as well as the face and delicate parts depilatory strips but also the ready-to-use depilatory wax are formulated without perfume, with cane sugar, beeswax and honey.

I chose to try the depilatory strips because they have a particular Anti-Shock formula with Titanium Dioxide that adheres more to the hair and less to the skin, thus ensuring a more delicate tear and suitable for depilation of sensitive skin. The Strep Sugaring facial and delicate parts depilatory strips are ideal for small areas such as the face, therefore also for hair removal on the mustache, armpits and groin while the body depilatory strips are perfect for legs, arms and larger areas.

I used the strips because they are comfortable and quick to apply, just heat them in your hands, separate them, apply them on the chosen area and pull. However, the Strep ready-to-use depilatory wax kit is also easy to use, because the wax can be heated in a water bath in just 10 minutes or in the microwave in 30-60 seconds. The kit contains the spatula for easy and precise application and the pre-cut strips. The choice is personal, there are those who prefer traditional wax and those who prefer the immediacy of using the strips, I preferred the strips.


  • Let's start with the small areas, yes, but definitely delicate
  • Ok, I trust you: it's time for the legs: go with the body depilatory strips
    • The body depilatory strips, minimum expenditure of time and maximum yield
    • How to remove the wax and what to do after hair removal on delicate skin

Let's start with the small areas, yes, but definitely delicate

First of all, to become familiar with the depilatory strips, I chose to dedicate myself to the hair removal of the mustache using the facial and delicate parts depilatory strips. My skin is very sensitive: normally I tend to redden immediately and after a few hours small white-tipped pimples appear. This happens to me especially with the classic hot hair removal methods in beauty centers.

With the Sugaring face and delicate areas hair removal strips I was able to remove the mustache in really two minutes and the skin was barely red. To have more control over the tear, I cut the strips further by applying them first on the two side portions of skin and then under the nose.

It is important that the skin is clean and dry, therefore, remember to apply a veil of talcum powder to dry any sweat. After rubbing the strip for a few seconds between my hands, I separated one end and applied it in the direction of hair growth. Holding the skin in tension with the other hand and placing the tongue inside the mouth, under the lip I tore the strip firmly. In fact, I felt a lot less friction in the tearing phase.

depilatory strips

Ok, I trust you: it's time for the legs: go with the body depilatory strips

After passing the mustache wax test, I decided to try my hand at larger areas, such as the legs. But before using the depilatory strips or proceeding with waxing, you need to prepare the skin to obtain a perfect result.

First, it is a good idea to exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells and soften it. Tearing will be more effective and will reduce the possible formation of ingrown hairs during the regrowth phase. However, remember to perform exfoliation with scrubs at least the day before and not immediately before hair removal. Otherwise, the skin will be too oily and the wax will not adhere properly. Just before waxing, it is helpful to have a warm bath or shower to dilate pores and facilitate hair removal.

Before proceeding with the hair removal it is necessary to check the length of the hairs and, if they are longer than 2/5 mm, shorten them. This way the wax will adhere better, reducing the pain caused by pulling on too long a hair. The choice of the period in which to shave is also important because this can lead to more or less rapid regrowth. The Strep Sugaring hair removal strips guarantee smooth skin for up to 4 weeks and you know, the more you wax constantly, the more your hair grows slowly, finer and more sparse.

To slow down hair growth, the best time seems to be during the menstrual cycle or immediately after as hormonal activity has slowed down and the hair bulbs are at rest. The only annoyance, however, is that you are more sensitive to pain during those days of the month and therefore waxing could be more painful than usual. To reduce pain during tearing, in addition to opening the pores well and shortening the hair if too long, you can apply a veil of talcum powder on the area to be depilated, even if it feels dry. The talcum powder will create a barrier between the skin and the wax, making it adhere to the hair but not to the skin, thus making the tear more delicate and certainly less painful.

The body depilatory strips, minimum expenditure of time and maximum yield

Once the skin is prepared, I begin with body hair removal, certain that I will certainly do some damage. It is actually a very simple process and similar to that for facial hair removal strips. After heating the depilatory strips in my hands I separated them. I applied one of the two strips on the calf, checking the direction of the hair and passing it over the palm of my hand to make it adhere well.

Without delay, because once the strip has been applied it is too late for second thoughts, I kept the skin in tension and I tore off the grain. I continued like this all over the calf, shaving the front and back, not forgetting the knee but above all the hollow between the knee and the beginning of the thigh. Hair removal time per leg? Maximum 10 minutes.

How to remove the wax and what to do after hair removal on delicate skin

At this point the battlefield is full of depilatory strips everywhere, I have some satisfaction in observing them and noticing the amount of hair that has come off and that I absolutely did not think I had and a sense of satisfaction mixed with pride for the skin by now very smooth, more or less.

Yes, because to make it smooth all the way you have to remove any residual wax to avoid dirtying your clothes and sticking everywhere. The ideal are the Strep post-epilation wipes, included in the package: in addition to removing wax residues quickly and easily, they are soothing and relieve redness. However, it is good to remember that it would be better to shave in the evening or when you have a few hours to spend at home, thus avoiding immediately suffocating the skin with clothes and going out with the depilated areas red.

Another method to remove the residual wax is to use oil, almond or olive, to be applied on a cotton swab. Always remember to moisturize the skin with non-aggressive and fragrance-free products, such as pure aloe gel, with a moisturizing and emollient action, thus helping to restore the hydrolipidic balance.

Now all that remains is to try DIY hair removal at home with Strep Sugaring products and tell us your experience!

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