Separated parents in trouble, comes the bonus: how it will work

Separated parents in trouble, comes the bonus: how it will work

Good news for separated parents: a contribution to help workers with children is on the way

Good news for separated or divorced parents in difficulty, help for families in a complicated moment like the one we are going through due to the pandemic: a contribution is in fact on the way, up to a maximum amount of 800 euros per month, for workers who must pay the maintenance allowance in favor of the children.

Bonus to separated parents, how it will work

For the first time, a form of dedicated support has been announced for separated and divorced parents: this is foreseen by an amendment to the Sostegni decree reformulated and approved by the Budget and Finance committees of the Senate. The amendment provides for the establishment of a special fund for 2021 of 10 million euros for the disbursement of part or all of the maintenance allowance.

The measure should concern in particular the separated or divorced working parents who, due to the pandemic, have ceased, reduced or suspended their work and have interrupted the continuous payment of the child support allowance.

Bonus for separated parents, when it can be requested

To know specifically the criteria and methods for the disbursement of bonuses, it will be necessary to wait for a decree of the Council of Ministers (for which there will be a maximum of 60 days): the deadline is in fact set for 21 May 2021.

Although it is not yet final, the contribution envisaged by the Italian government is part of a package of future aid to families in difficulty due to Covid, which are about to kick off thanks to the measures issued by the government.

The bonus and other measures for families

In addition to the bonus for separated and divorced parents, due to the situation caused by the Coronavirus, several measures have been introduced to help Italian families.

Also in 2021 future mothers and new mothers will be able to request the "Mother tomorrow bonus", paid by INPS for the birth or adoption of a minor, an economic contribution of 800 euros for each child.

Since last month it has been possible to apply to INPS to obtain the new "Baby sitter bonus", but it does not end there: among the measures implemented by the government to deal with the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, there is also the housewives bonus, for promote the training and integration of unemployed women into the world of work.

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