September favorites: makeup, skincare and haircare

September favorites: makeup, skincare and haircare

Coming back in September you need to be in shape, from every point of view: hair, skin and makeup, here are the favorites of the month

September is the month to start over: restarting work after the holidays, restarting school, restarting the gym, starting over with healthy eating … It almost seems like the beginning of the new year, other than January 1st! Even the skin, hair and in general our person are ready to start over and, between an appointment with the beautician and the hairdresser, here are 4 (or rather 5) favorite products for September, to feel like new.

Prime Organic Shampoo and Perfect Shiny Conditioner

Who said that organic hair products leave them dry, stringy and difficult to comb and style? Prime Organic Shampoo and Perfect Shiny Conditioner look like normal shampoo and conditioner. The first washes the hair thoroughly, making a nice soft lather from the first pass. It does not leave the hair too degreased and does not knot them but as soon as they are rinsed they appear shiny and shiny. The conditioner, on the other hand, even left on for only a couple of minutes, has a very high detangling power. Even on treated and dehydrated hair, which therefore tends to knot much more easily, once the product has been rinsed off and without combing it in the shower, it is possible to run your fingers inside. They are soft and silky to the touch, shiny and disciplined. In addition, the applicator with dispenser is very convenient, you can dose the product in the right quantity and there is no risk of overturning any bottle in the shower, wasting product.

Source: Prime Organic

Missha Airy Fit Sheet Mask Red Ginseng

It is not true that fabric face masks are all the same. Yes, they are moisturizing but some have an edge. For example, Missha's Air Fit Sheet Mask Red Ginseng, with nourishing and revitalizing ginseng extract. But it also contains many other active ingredients, such as soothing licorice and anti-aging arginine. What makes it a particular mask is that, unlike the others in fabric, it is not soaked in liquid or serum, but in real cream. That's why it is a panacea for the evening skincare of dry, normal or combination and oily skin in times of greater stress or in need of extra nourishment and hydration. After the exposure time, the skin appears flamed, plumped and extremely luminous.

Source: Missha

Skin Proud Recharge Overnight Retinol 0.5% Serum

Low cost skincare is not always synonymous with low quality, quite the contrary. Skin Proud is a new brand on the market, which offers a skincare for everyone, easy to use and adaptable to all skin types. Yes, because each product has a color code based on use in the morning, in the evening or if it is fine in both cases. It is so easy to create a day & night routine without the need for too many products and above all by calibrating the choice of the same according to your needs, without having to spend an exaggeration. Skin Proud Overnight Retinol 0.5% Serum is a moisturizing serum for dull, dry or irritated skin, but its texture is so light that it can be used on all skin types. Hyaluronic acid maintains the skin's moisture levels, while Bakuchiol is the "natural retinol", which deeply renews it and has an anti-aging effect because it helps stimulate the natural synthesis of collagen. To be used alone if you have oily skin or in summer, otherwise in combination with your favorite face cream.

Source: Skin Proud

Nabla Cosmetics Cupid's Arrow Longwear Stylo

It is not a pencil, it is not an eyeliner, it is not a cream eyeshadow, it is not a primer. It is none of this and it is, at the same time, all of this. Cupid's Arrow Longwear Stylo by Nabla Cosmetics is a hybrid that encompasses all these functions. It can be used in the inner rim of the eye to intensify the gaze or to achieve tightlining, it can be used as an eye-liner by applying it with a precision angled brush. It can be used as a shaded eye-liner but also as a cream eyeshadow, because it is very easy to blend and, above all, with not too quick drying, which thus allows even inexperienced hands to work it. But when it is fixed, there is none for anyone, it does not move from there, even without dabbing it with dust. It can then be used as a primer or creamy base for eye shadows, to create smokey eyes or apply over iridescent toppers. It is available in 4 colors: nude, brown, Berry and black and … there are those who also use them as lip pencils, try it!

Source: Nabla Cosmetics

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