Seredova finally hugs her parents: the family photo on Instagram

Seredova finally hugs her parents: the family photo on Instagram

Alena Seredova sees her parents Jitka and Bohuslav again after months: the two grandparents finally meet little Vivienne Charlotte

Alena Seredova mom: sweet photos on Instagram

Alena Seredova has finally embraced her parents again: after several months apart, Jitka and Bohuslav (these are their names) have reached their daughter and grandchildren in the Bel Paese, more precisely in Versilia, the northern coast of the magnificent Tuscany.

The meeting is doubly special not only because the 42-year-old's parents live far from their daughter (Jitka and Bohuslav are from the Czech Republic), but above all because the two grandparents got to know little Vivienne Charlotte, born on May 19th.

And what better way to celebrate than with a photo that captures the moment? Precisely for this reason Alena has published on her Instagram profile the family shot, in which she appears with her partner and new father Alessandro Nasi, the children Louis Thomas and David Lee, respectively 12 and 10 years old and obviously the newcomer, who is about to make 3 months old.

The post is accompanied by the phrase "Finally babi & deda", which is the tender way in which in Czech the grandmother and grandfather are indicated.

After all, Alena – like all mothers – would have liked so much that her parents could be close to her during pregnancy and immediately after giving birth, but fate wanted her to expect a few more months than expected.

Now that the first meeting has taken place, the showgirl can enjoy all the affection of mom and dad and relax a little more: Seredova's holiday continues, and with the whole family she looks more radiant than ever.

The birth of the child, on the other hand, has brought a new balance in Alena's life, who has let herself go to the difficult past: following the complicated divorce with Gigi Buffon, Seredova has found love with the entrepreneur Alessandro, with whom she has been engaged for several years now.

Their union is based on trust and respect, but also on the shared passion for football: this new daily life with the new partner has meant that Alena also made peace with her ex-husband, thus putting the well-being of the children in this happy extended family.

Alena Seredova Instagram

Alena Seredova with her children, partner Alessandro and parents – Source: Instagram

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