Serena Bortone, Costanzo’s hypothesis: “Papers in order for Domenica In”

Serena Bortone, Costanzo's hypothesis: "Papers in order for Domenica In"

Maurizio Costanzo launched a sensational hypothesis about Serena Bortone, considering her perfectly capable of leading “Domenica In”

Serena Bortone, private life and broadcasts

Serena Bortone is one of the faces most loved by the public and most appreciated by professionals. With his program Today is another day he conquered viewers, offering daily interviews with the most famous characters of the small screen and beyond. To expose himself on the presenter was a great name of television, Maurizio Costanzo, who made a hypothesis on the hostess of Today is another day.

Maurizio Costanzo, the hypothesis on Bortone

It is not the first time that the journalist comments on programs and characters on the small screen, giving his interpretations on television events: this time on the pages of the weekly Nuovo Maurizio Costanzo he exposed himself, launching a sensational hypothesis.

I think that if Mara Venier were to decide to leave Domenica In, Serena Bortone would have what it takes to take her place in the historic Rai 1 program.

A great attestation of esteem by Maria De Filippi’s husband, who would see the presenter at the helm of the Sunday afternoon show on Rai 1 well. After all, Mara Venier has repeatedly expressed the desire to close the long chapter with Domenica In, but only if a completely new project were in your hands: “I don’t know, there must be a right idea for me. There must be soul, not pure entertainment, ”he confessed.

The idea of ​​leaving the show at least for the moment, however, is excluded, despite Nicola Carraro’s insistence: “On Domenica In I can’t say no. The affection of the public on Domenica In has never made me feel alone. Next year? We’ll see. (…) I could work a little less… my husband can’t wait for me to stop working ”.

Maurizio Costanzo, the great esteem for Bortone

Among the pages of the weekly Nuovo Maurizio Costanzo spared no praise for the afternoon broadcast of the flagship network, which keeps the viewers company every day and is able to obtain very interesting listening data: “I follow this interesting and relaxing Rai 1 space from my studio because very fascinating characters are proposed, even if not always current ”.

According to the journalist Serena Bortone could continue to carry on the winning project of Today is another day: “You can stay there and do an excellent service for TV”. And given the excellent audience figures, one thing is certain: the presenter will certainly continue with her broadcast, occupying the early afternoon of Rai 1 with her guests, telling stories and also addressing highly topical issues.

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