Serena Enardu and Pago broke up, Miriana Trevisan speaks

After the break between Pago and Serena, Miriana Trevisan tells the relationship with the singer

While the story between Pago and Serena Enardu has come to an end, Miriana Trevisan tells her relationship with the singer. The ex star of Non è Rai and the Sardinian artist have lived an intense love story, crowned by the birth of Nicola, their only son.

Today they managed to build an excellent relationship, as Trevisan said in the pages of Nuovo. “Between me and Pago the calm has returned – Miriana confessed -. He also slept at my house … ". A few weeks ago Pago had embraced his son Nicola after a long distance, leaving Serena alone and moving temporarily to the Trevisan house.

“I'm lucky to have a big house, so everyone has their own room with bathroom – the showgirl confessed -. When Nicola saw his father, he changed expression. His presence was also very important for me, since I managed to make a decent shopping and many other things. "

Miriana had followed the events of Pago at the GF Vip and there had been some misunderstanding between the two, due to Trevisan's concerns for Nicola. In fact, he feared that the love story with the former tronista of Men and Women would distract him from his role as father. "He and I, however, have clarified – he revealed -. He explained to me that the attention of the authors of the GF Vip was more focused on couple dynamics ".

In the meantime, Pago and Serena Enardu have closed in silence. The singer did not comment on the breakup and on Instagram, the former Temptation Island star limited himself to posting a broken heart in the Stories. The farewell, according to Enardu's words, would have come due to Pacific's inability to forgive his partner's flirtation with Alessandro Graziani, a tempter known on the Maria De Filippi show.

"Those who decide to forgive are not always there, and those who have made mistakes in the past cannot be treated as guilty for life – she explained -. Forgiveness is a very heavy gesture of love for those who try to apply it, but if you cannot sweep anger and resentment, trust is lacking and everything is compromised by hurting both. "

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