Sesame, sunflower, cumin, pumpkin: all the properties of the seeds

Sesame, sunflower, cumin, pumpkin: all the properties of the seeds

Sesame, sunflower, cumin and pumpkin: the seeds of these plants are rich in substances precious for health

Pumpkin seeds are rich in minerals, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. It is advisable to eat them because they protect the heart, promote rest and fight urinary tract infections. Perfect and tasty in soups and eaten mixed salads together.

Cumin seeds contain high amounts of iron, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins, ideal for women in case of anemia during the cycle. Excellent help for the digestive system, or for treating the respiratory tract through an infusion to drink. Not suitable for people with liver problems.

Sunflower seeds are basically the dried fruit of the plant, and are concentrated in the flowers. They contain powerful antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories that counteract the formation of free radicals, guilty of cellular aging. Sunflower seeds decrease bad cholesterol and improve intestinal activity.

Sesame seeds are rich in Omega 3 and 6, potassium, selenium, iron, phosphorus but above all of calcium, effective in preventing osteoporosis. Sesame is considered a natural zinc supplement, which strengthens the immune system and is a valuable aid in case of mental fatigue.

Sesame seeds can be consumed in addition to salads, sauces that accompany meat or fish, vegetable soups. Also excellent for preparing delicious biscuits, bread or flavored breadsticks. Like pumpkin, sunflower and cumin seeds, they are good for your health.

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