Seven things that happen while you sleep (but you don't notice)

Seven things that happen while you sleep (but you don't notice)

What happens during sleep? This is how our body behaves if we sleep

What happens during sleep is no longer a mystery. Scientific research has shown that when we start to sleep our brain activity increases, taking care of tasks that during the day could not be carried out. On average, we spend 33% of our lives sleeping.

The progressive slowdown of human metabolism is one of the things that happen in sleep. This does not mean absolutely that if a person sleeps you do not burn any calories, but these are consumed more slowly. It is calculated on average that, in an hour of rest, a normal person consumes about 60 calories.

There is a lot of information that the brain receives during a day: there is no room for everyone. It is therefore necessary to make a sort of selection that takes place completely involuntarily during the night. In this period the less useful notions are forgotten, leaving room for the others.

Another thing that happens during sleep is awakenings: during the night we wake up from 5 to 15 times. Being short-term awakenings, they are not remembered by the brain when you wake up in the morning. At night, moreover, you can dream for about two hours on average.

Another thing that happens during sleep is the change of position: up to 10 times a night. Our brain is much more active during this period than when we are awake. And if you suffer from insomnia, then many of these things happen in a reduced form.

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