Sex and The City: Chris Noth, the wife after the accusations in tears and without faith

Sex and The City: Chris Noth, the wife after the accusations in tears and without faith

After the accusations against Chris Noth, his wife Tara Wilson has moved away: she was picked up by Page Six in tears and without faith on her finger

Among the characters of Sex and the City, Mr Big is undoubtedly the one we remember with conflicting affection, for the eternal story with Carrie, who for years has been very followed all over the world. The cinema, however, teaches us to distinguish between actor and character, which is what we have found ourselves doing in recent times, following the accusations of violence and harassment against Chris Noth. According to Page Six, Noth’s wife – Tara Wilson – is devastated by what happened, so much so that she was filmed in tears and without faith in her car in Los Angeles.

Sex and the City, Chris Noth’s wife is “destroyed” after the accusations

Page Six has brought back some photos that touch the heart: because a wife who finds herself facing certain accusations against her husband, is even first a woman who finds herself having to deal with the person she fell in love with, who she chose to its “forever”. Tara Wilson was filmed “in mourning”. Dark clothes, no colors, a pair of sunglasses, which she chose to take off to dry her tears.

According to the photos, among other things, she has not yet resumed wearing the wedding band on her finger. A choice that is not surprising and that, moreover, we understand: from the first accusation against Chris Noth, there was a rapid escalation of women who decided to report him. There are five women who have broken the silence, finding the courage to tell their version of events.

Tara Wilson wants to file for a divorce

After the allegations were made public, Chris Noth and Tara Wilson’s marriage, as Page Six claimed, is “hanging by a thread”. Over the holiday season, Wilson chose to stay in Los Angeles, while Noth was spotted in New York. The couple, who got married in Hawaii in 2012, appear to be close to divorce.

Wilson’s priority is to protect the children – Orion and Keats – and she would no longer want to have contact with Noth. A source told the paper that, in any case, even if the allegations were later denied, it is difficult for Wilson to come to terms with the fact that she was betrayed by his love.

Chris Noth, from Sex and the City to today: the accusations and denial

A “hurricane” hit actor Chris Noth. A whirlwind of accusations that weigh like a stone and that led the authors of And Just Like That, sequel to Sex and the City, to make the decision to cut Mr Big’s presence in the season finale. Theirs was not the only voice, because even the stars of the TV series did not remain silent, releasing an official statement on their official Instagram profiles. The repercussions on Noth’s career were not just about Sex and the City, because he was also suspended from CBS’s The Equalizer series. Despite having strongly denied the allegations, it is time for Noth to come to terms with what has happened in his past.

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