Sex & the City, a million dollars per episode for Sarah Jessica Parker and the others

Sex & the City, a million dollars per episode for Sarah Jessica Parker and the others

Now that the sequel to the TV series is official, the first rumors begin to circulate: dizzying cachet for Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte

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Sarah Jessica Parer, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are ready to return with a new sequel to Sex and the City, as officially announced a few days ago.

Now that the news is confirmed, however, the first details on the actress' contract begin to emerge, in which the cachet item certainly stands out. According to Variety, an American magazine specializing in cinema and TV series, the three actresses will earn one million dollars per episode to (re) play the role of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, for a total – therefore – of ten million each. .
The episodes, in fact, will be ten, definitely less than the number of episodes of the "standard" seasons aired from 1998 to 2004, but in line with the trends of recent years also imposed by giants like Netflix which generally does not go beyond eight episodes. for its products.

The cachet of the three protagonists, however astronomical, is not surprising: already for other cult series, in fact, the production companies have decided to pay the reference stars well. A few examples? The Big Bang Theory, the sit-com that made Kaley Cuoco famous, entered so much into the hearts of fans that it allowed its performers to snatch the same amount allocated now for Sarah Jessica Parker & Co.

Another illustrious precedent that of Friends, but while for the time that figure was really astronomical, so it is no longer today in which the protagonists of the TV series are more and more often movie stars such as Nicole Kidman, who in recent years seems to definitely prefer projects designed for the small screen over film for theaters. The Australian actress, in fact, participated with her friend Reese Witherspoon in the mini-series Big Little Lies and is now back on Sky with The Undoing alongside Hugh Grant.

Returning to Sex and the City, therefore, it is not surprising that for Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis the fees have risen significantly compared to the past; after all we are talking about a real event, long awaited by some fans, curious to know how the lives of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte have evolved. In the same way they would have liked to know what Samantha would be like at 60, but to know the fate of the character played by Kim Catrall we will have to wait for the first episode, considering that the actress will not participate in the sequel, probably due to the old disagreements with Sarah Jessica Parer . It will be interesting to see how the writers decide to justify his absence.

The contract torn by the other three protagonists, however, represents a victory not only for the amount obtained, but because it is news that three women over fifty years old get such a remuneration, in a system such as television and cinema in which mature women do always rather struggling to find space and important roles (with the due exceptions for some sacred monsters). In fact, it is difficult to think of actresses of that age for the roles of attractive women with a sexual life. And in this we hope that the new Sex and the City will make school, as indeed it has done in the past.

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